The Boys season 4 adds new cast members and promotes another to series regular

The new additions to Amazon Prime’s The Boys means new characters and even more diabolical plots. 

There’s one thing you can count on with Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys, and that is for them to keep the show in the minds and mouths of the fans. Sometimes it’s their YouTube page putting out music videos or commercials starring the heroes of their world. Other times it’s announcing new members to the cast. For example, before season 3, Jensen Ackles was brought on. Every fan of Supernatural was excited. He’s beloved by viewers of the show.

It has now happened again before the show has started filming its fourth season, as two new cast members have been announced and another is getting a promotion to series regular.

The Boys season 4 casting updates

As reported by, Susan Heyward (Orange is the New Black) and Valorie Curry (The Lost Symbol) have joined the cast of The Boys season 4. The former will play Sister Sage and the latter is playing Firecracker.

This writer doesn’t remember who those characters are, but if we had to guess, could they be part of the G-Men? This is a superhero team that’s crucial to The Boys comic book. However, the creative team on the show could have something different in store. We could be looking at new supes who never existed or had minor roles that are now major.

Susan Heyward and Valorie Curry aren’t strangers to action shows or drama. Heyward was fantastic in Orange is the New Black and also played Deena Pilgrim in Powers. Meanwhile, Valorie Curry was great in The Following. She portrayed one of the craziest and smartest characters in a Fox TV show. Considering the programs that channel has produced, that’s saying a lot.

Getting a promotion to series regular is Cameron Crovetti, who plays Homelander’s son Ryan Butcher. It’s not shocking that Crovetti will play a regular role given how important Ryan has been to The Boys. In season 4, viewers may see Ryan’s personality change drastically. He may no longer be the innocent boy who wants to do the right thing. After his father gets away with murder in front of witnesses, he’ll realize that he, like his father, can do whatever he wants. One Homelander is enough. Two of them could destroy the world.

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