I Am Groot soundtrack: What song plays in ‘Magnum Opus’?

Can’t quite figure out the song that plays across I Am Groot’s fifth episode? No need for Shazam, here is the song that plays in I Am Groot, “Magnum Opus.”

I Am Groot is streaming now on Disney Plus and has quickly won over Marvel fans as a fun primer ahead of She-Hulk‘s series premiere. The series of shorts is a perfect way to utilize one of Marvel’s more adorable characters by revisiting Baby Groot in a series of crazy mini-adventures with Baby Groot at the heart.

Across the shorts, we see Baby Groot uncovering civilizations, taking his first steps, and coming face-to-face with a shapeshifting alien leading to a fun dance-off. It all leads up to the season’s craziest episode, “Magnum Opus,” which sees Baby Groot setting out to paint a family portrait and going to great lengths to collect the art supplies needed to bring his masterpiece to life.

Don’t worry there aren’t any spoilers from the short ahead beyond the basic synopsis already mentioned. Instead, we’re here to answer the question that likely led you here to this post: what is the song that plays in the background of the episode?

What song is in I Am Groot episode 5?

Can’t quite place the song that plays across the “Magnum Opus” episode of I Am Groot? That would be “You Can Get It If You Really Want,” by Jimmy Cliff which is the latest in a string of iconic songs to be used in Guardians of the Galaxy projects.

Honestly, it wouldn’t be a Guardians project if there wasn’t at least one hit song included in the episodes and it’s such a perfect song to play across the episode!

I Am Groot is streaming now on Disney Plus!