Harley Quinn season 3, episode 8 release date: When does the next episode come out?

Harley Quinn season 3. Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max
Harley Quinn season 3. Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max /

Harley Quinn season 3 on HBO Max has arrived! Here’s when the eighth episode, “Batman Begins Forever”, will drop.

Harley Quinn season 3 is almost over. With it coming to an end on September 15, fans can expect things to reach the peak of the season soon (if it hasn’t already happened in episode 7). During “It’s a Swamp Thing”, Poison Ivy found out where Frank the Plant was. He’s with Bruce Wayne (Batman).

As this episode is being written, Batman’s reason behind capturing him is unknown. However, it can be assumed that he’s experimenting on Frank to discover more ways to take out Poison Ivy. There’s no doubt that episode 8, “Batman Begins Forever” will be heavy on what’s going on with Bruce Wayne and Batman’s personal life.

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Bruce Wayne has gone through a lot in the last two seasons. He was in a coma, couldn’t effectively be Batman when Gotham City needed him, and Catwoman broke up with him. While all of that is bad, it isn’t the end of his downward spiral.

In the Harley Quinn universe, Batman isn’t the Dark Knight that fans know. He’s mentally weaker. It’s not shocking that he keeps being defeated. It won’t be any different in “Batman Begins Forever.” Could Poison Ivy kill Batman? He kidnapped and likely tortured her best friend. Why wouldn’t she get revenge?

Although, that’s unlikely. Could Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Doctor Psycho go to the Batman: The Animated Series universe? That was teased in the season 3 trailer?

When does Harley Quinn season 3, episode 8 come out?

Harley Quinn season 3 episode 8, “Batman Begins Forever”, makes its debut on HBO Max on Thursday, August 25, at 3 am Eastern Standard Time, 2 am Central Time, and 12am Pacific Standard Time. As of now, the times and dates have remained the same throughout the season, and it seems that is set to continue, with new episodes releasing weekly until the season finale on Thursday, September 15.

HBO Max properties have always kept a tight schedule. If the WarnerMedia streaming service says something is going to be released on a certain day and time, that’s what viewers can expect it to arrive. Changing times and days would force them to reschedule everything else they have going on and that won’t happen.

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What do you think, readers? Are you ready for episode 8 of Harley Quinn season 3? What do you think will happen in “Batman Begins Forever”? Let us know in the comments below.