Joker controlled Gotham’s villains and made Batman look careless doing it

Harley Quinn season 2, episode 11, “A Fight Worth Fighting For“ Image Courtesy Warner Bros. Television Distribution/DC Universe
Harley Quinn season 2, episode 11, “A Fight Worth Fighting For“ Image Courtesy Warner Bros. Television Distribution/DC Universe /

How did Joker make Batman look like a negligent vigilante? By mind controlling Bane, Poison Ivy, and other Gotham City villains.

The Joker has been an elite villain for decades. He’s tormented Batman and terrorized Gotham City for years. He may have been caught, but he never stays down for long. For example, Joker War concluded with Batman seemingly leaving The Joker to die. Of course the Clown Prince of Crime survived the encounter.

It’s unlikely that Joker will ever stay dead. If he does die, he’ll find a way to come back. It isn’t his physical toughness that allows him to escape death. It’s his intelligence. It’s also not just as a villain either. He proved his character’s superiority during Batman: White Knight. A series where he became Gotham’s savior.

Jack Napier (Joker) took pills that kept his crazy side in check. This helped him expose the Elites. They were dubbed this because they were rich and uncaring people who profited from Gotham’s super-crime and the citizens’ pain. That wasn’t his only mission. Napier wanted to show Batman that he wasn’t needed. To do that, he had to prove that the Dark Knight was reckless. He did that by doing something no one has. Jack Napier mind controlled Gotham’s most dangerous super-criminals.

How did Joker do it?

Each of Gotham City’s villains have creative ways of committing crimes. Poison Ivy has her connection to plant-life. Bane’s genius planning keeps him ahead of most criminals and heroes. Characters like Killer Croc and Solomon Grundy rely on super-strength to obtain their goals. Then there’s the Mad Hatter, Jervis Tetch. A genius that always seems to be under-appreciated because of his look, Alice in Wonderland theme, and his rhyming.

Jervis created tech that allows him to mind-control people with Alice in Wonderland themed cards. With those cards he could control a handful of goons at a time. Even then, he’s regulating easily manipulated people. How could Jack Napier control the minds of Gotham’s worst? By using Clayface as the conduit.

Jack put one of Tetch’s card in Clayface’s brain. With that, Jack had control of him. He then took some of Clayface himself and put the residue in drinks for Joker’s former colleagues. Once they consumed their drinks, Jack had control over them as well. It’s shocking that the main continuity’s Joker hasn’t tried this move yet. Then again, he may do it later on Earth-Prime.

Batman: White Knight TV project?

Batman: White Knight would make an incredible project for HBO Max’s DC Comics hub. The funny thing is it isn’t because of Batman. Joker/Jack Napier, Harley Quinn, and the supporting cast is what makes this great. Each of them added something to the story, especially Jim Gordon and the Gotham City Police Department. This shows that Batman doesn’t have to be the lead even if the characters are related to the Dark Knight.

Don’t be shocked if Warner Bros. decides to adapt this story for the screen in the near future, especially since the White Knight franchise seems to continuously expand.

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