Rick and Morty season 6, episode 4 live stream: Watch online

Photo: Rick and Morty, Adult Swim.. Image Courtesy Turner
Photo: Rick and Morty, Adult Swim.. Image Courtesy Turner /

Rick and Morty season 6, episode 4 is coming. Here’s how you can watch “Night Family” both live and online.

If you’ve watched Rick and Morty from the beginning, then you know weirdness isn’t something new. The show will always do odd things to separate itself from anything else on TV. Sometimes viewers may say things go too far. For example, look up Summer’s giant space baby from “Rickdependence Spray”. Episode 3 of season 6, “Bethic Twinstinct”, continued the bizarre trend with Space Beth and Earth Beth being intimate.

Watching the two Beths get intimate very much like Loki and Sylvie in season 1 of Loki on Disney Plus. It wasn’t wrong, but it wasn’t exactly normal either. If anything, viewers should feel bad for Morty and Summer.

They saw their mother(s) kissing and more. Then, at the end of the episode, they had to listen to them and their father sleep together. Rick didn’t seem to be bothered by it (not shocking). However, Summer and Morty will be permanently scarred. Look for this to come into play later this season. Most likely with one of the Beths dying.

Rick and Morty episode 4 expectations

"“When you’re alone in the middle of the night/And you wake in a sweat and a hell of a fright/When you’re alone in the middle of the bed/And you wake like someone hit you on the head/You’ve had a cream of nightmare dream/and you’ve got the Hoo-Ha’s…”-T.S. Eliot"

The passage above is from Fragment of an Agon by T.S. Eliot and it opens the Rick and Morty episode 4 trailer.  It’s hard to tell what is meant from that short passage. However, there is one thing that sticks when you look up where the quote comes from. The part is, “When you’re alone like he was alone/You’re either or neither.” Beth seems to be, “either or neither” in life.

Before she was cloned, Beth was having issues with where she was in life. Seeing and being with Space Beth could have made things worse. She can’t figure out what she’s supposed to be doing. Being married to someone like Jerry doesn’t help. The jokes after she catches Rick doing sleep sit-ups was for entertainment, but there’s something deeper going on with Beth. Hopefully, this episode expounds on Beth’s mental state.

How to watch Rick and Morty season 6 episode 4 online

As Rick and Morty is an Adult Swim-exclusive series, the fourth episode of the sixth season can be viewed on TV on Adult Swim itself. It is also expected to be made available on Adult Swim’s website, with the hope that the season will stream on HBO Max and Hulu at some point in the future. The episodes are also available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video after their premiere.

Full details on how to watch season 6, episode 4, “Night Family,” can be found below. This includes the date, streaming information and more.

Date: Sunday, September 24
Time: 11:00 pm. ET / 8:00 p.m. PT
Season: 6
Episode: 4
TV info: Adult Swim / Cartoon Network
Live stream: Adultswim.com

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