X-Men legend dies and doesn’t want resurrection

Cosplayer QUIKCOSPLAY dressed as Storm (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)
Cosplayer QUIKCOSPLAY dressed as Storm (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images) /

(Spoiler) dies in Storm’s arms in X-Men Red. This will have major repercussions on the future of Krakoa.

Al Ewing’s X-Men Red could be the best ongoing X-Men series of the last decade. In a short time, Ewing has changed the way people look at mutants. He’s shown that the old ways of thinking and existing don’t work. Not just for Arakko, but for Krakoa as well. More importantly, a lot of this was caused by omega level mutants Storm and Magneto.

When Storm and Magneto became part of the Great Ring of Arakko, they made a declaration: They would no longer have Krakoan insurance. That meant that if they died, Storm and Magneto wouldn’t enter the resurrection protocols. This showed the rest of the Great Ring that they were willing to die for the cause.

It’s one thing to say it. It’s another to follow through when you’re at death’s door. When it came time to put up or shut up, Magneto stayed true to his word.

X-Men Red and Uranos

In X-Men Red 5 and A.X.E. Judgment Day No. 1, Uranos went to Arakko and killed hundreds of mutants. Among the mutants was Magneto. However, Uranos’ hurbis got the best of him. He should have confirmed the kill. Uranos ripped Magneto’s heart out, but the Master of Magnetism used his powers to make the blood flow throughout his body. With the help of Storm, Magento stayed alive long enough to defend Arakko.

"“Charles dreams of persuading the world that we have value. In the hope that the world will make us safe. My dream was simpler. To assure our safety…whether the world values us or not.” – Magneto"

In X-Men Red No. 7, Storm and Magneto killed Uranos. With the Eternal dead, Magneto could finally rest. Storm pleaded with Erik to get resurrected. Even without the backups, he’d come back. Magneto refused. He said he made a promise to Arakko and that they (Krakoa) would need them for what’s to come. Magneto was talking about two threats to mutants. One was humans; they’ve been trying to kill mutants for decades. The other threat was Charles Xavier.

Magneto has Storm make him a promise. He asks her to watch Xavier. When Krakoa started, it was him, Moira, and Charles. With the two of them gone, he believes that Charles will make a terrible decision. One that will “martyr” mutants. With Storm there, Xavier might not inadvertently destroy Krakoa and kill mutants.

Hopefully, Storm will be strong enough to stop the mutant with the strongest telepathy in the world.

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