American Horror Story season 11, episode 3 live stream: Watch online

AHS: NYC – Pictured: Joe Mantello as Gino. CR: Pari Dukovic/FX
AHS: NYC – Pictured: Joe Mantello as Gino. CR: Pari Dukovic/FX /

AHS is back! Here’s how you can watch American Horror Story season 11, episodes 3  and 4 of AHS: NYC live and online. 

After American Horror Story: Double Feature, the TV franchise needs AHS: NYC to be better than good. Double Feature had moments of brilliance, but even more that were unwatchable. Thankfully, the first two episodes of AHS: NYC were great. It set the stage for what’s already an intense and emotional season.

This season focuses on how gay men are being targeted by a mysterious serial killer. Unfortunately, the police don’t seem to care. The one cop that does (Patrick Read) can’t help too much or he may be forced to come out as gay – something his partner (Gino Barelli) wishes he’d do.

Expectations for the next American Horror Story: NYC

The killer attempted to make his intentions clear, but it came out as a lot of gibberish. As the season goes on, the reason he’s killing and the war he mentioned should become clearer. If the reason is poor, American Horror Story season 11 could struggle.

Hopefully, the B-story surrounding Billie Lourd will be made clear. Her study of deer dying looks like it could be connected to the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s. American Horror Story has always dropped hints to certain moments in history being influenced by supernatural and other forces. It could be the same here.

There’s also Big Daddy. We don’t know if he’s dead, alive, or something else entirely. That is a secret that likely won’t come out in the next couple of episodes. However, look for him to appear again and have a more defined reason for killing. It’s also possible he’s connected to Sam (played by Zachary Quinto).

How to watch American Horror Story season 11 online

Full details on how to watch season 1, episodes 3 and 4 of American Horror Story: NYC – and the rest of the series – can be found below, including start time, TV info, live stream and more:

Date: Wednesday, October 26
Time: 10:00 p.m. ET
Season: 11
Episodes: 3 “Smoke Signals” and 4 “Black Out”
TV info: FX
Live stream: Hulu

“Smoke Signals” and “Black Out” will air first on FX this Wednesday night. It’s made available to watch on Hulu the next day – where it will then be available to stream permanently. After the show is released, it will be available to purchase on Amazon Prime Video and other VOD services.

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