Titans season 4: Ryan Potter hints Beast Boy’s ‘powers evolve in ways that we haven’t seen’

Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max
Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max /

Fans who have been waiting to see Beast Boy take on a larger role on Titans won’t want to miss Titans season 4 which Ryan Potter promises will be a big year for Gar. 

There has been a lot to love about the first three seasons of HBO Max’s Titansbut there’s no denying that certain characters haven’t quite gotten the chance to shine as brightly as others. At the top of that list is Ryan Potter’s Gar Logan, who Potter himself has admitted has been related to “tech support” many times across the first season of the show.

Well, that’s all about to change as Titans season 4 is set to see Gar embarking on a journey that will pave the way for Gar to dive into the pain of his past to fuel a season of self-growth and evolution for the Day 1 Titan.

Fans who have been hoping to see Beast Boy’s powers explored and expanded upon are about to finally get their wish as the new season finds Gar’s powers evolving in ways we’ve never seen on the show before!

Ryan Potter reveals what’s to come for Gar in Titans season 4

“It’s been three seasons of trauma for Gar and this season is diving into mental health,” Ryan Potter teased of what’s to come for Gar in Titans season 4 while speaking with Bam Smack Pow and members of the media ahead of the show’s return.

By diving into the trauma of his past, the writers have paved the way for Gar to finally come into his own and for his powers to evolve in ways that previous seasons of the show hadn’t quite allowed for.

"“It’s diving into using pain as the fuel for self-growth and self-discovery. His powers evolve in ways that we haven’t seen on the show quite drastically and quickly,” Potter revealed. “There is a force that kind of fades through DC that Gar will be maybe communing with which helps to kind of bring him back into his primal self, inform his ability to be greater and more than he ever has been with his limiting self-belief and self-created narratives that keep him in a bit of a Stockholm Syndrome from previous family dynamics and, and being the caregiver and almost the service worker of the group.”"

This journey will also allow Gar to take a step back and look at his needs directly, which will serve as a catalyst for growth which Potter promises will lead to a pay off for the fans who have been wanting to see Gar’s abilities explore deeper.

"“He takes a step back to kind of reevaluate what he needs. And when he does that, the level of growth that comes out of this character, it’s just, I said, already, but it’s pay off. You know, fans have been wanting something of this for a while and for him for a while. I think this is the season that people are pleasantly surprised.”"

While Gar will be going on a journey of self-discovery in season 4 as the writers tap into previously unexplored facets of the character, that doesn’t mean Gar won’t still be the heart of the team. Rather, fans will finally get to see the character unfold in a way Potter teases reminded him a lot of another beloved iteration of the character.

"“He’s the embodiment of compassion. He’s the friend that you call when you’re having a hard day and he’s the guy that will give you a hug if you’re having a cry. He’s the one that’ll laugh off hard a hard day at work. He’s just unfolding this season in a way that I’ve had just the most fun playing and it reminds me a lot of kind of Greg Cipes mentality and approach to the character and even what they were able to do in Young Justice this season is therapy. I don’t have a wingman, a guruji of my own, but the idea is that we all have something to work on being the underlying story for Gar is a beautiful cause to champion.”"

Be sure to hit play on the video below for more Titans season 4 teasers from Ryan Potter including his reaction to the photo that broke the internet this September with a certain Stargirl actress!

Titans season 4 premieres Thursday, Nov. 3 on HBO Max with a special two-episode premiere event with new episodes releasing weekly every Thursday.

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Are you looking forward to seeing Titans season 4 do a deeper dive into Gar’s powers and mental health this season?