Titans season 4 episode 4 release date: When does the next episode come out?

Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max
Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max /

Titans season 4 is at the halfway mark of the first half of the season but when will the fourth episode premiere on HBO Max?

How do you start a season of Titans and do it with a bang? You kill Lex Luthor and have Conner Kent (Superboy) blamed for it. That’s a bold move. But is Luthor really dead? And could he come back before the season is over. It could even be in another person’s body. Luthor’s too smart to die like that. Plus, since he’s been dabbling in magic, he probably planned for this.

The second episode wasn’t as action packed as the first. Nevertheless, it was fantastic. Watching the heroes search for clues was interesting. At first, they think they’ve found the being that killed Luthor. However, they discover that it goes deeper. Mother Mayhem (the woman Luthor fired in episode 1) is the one who set that up. At the end of the episode, she confronts the Titans. Their battle it ends with Mother Mayhem running away Raven becoming White Raven.

One character to pay close attention to is Sebastian Sanger. His visions of blood are leading towards the arrival of his villainous side Brother Blood. And it seems that Mother Mayhem is setting him on that path. More than likely so he can take Lex Luthor’s place. However, the end of the episode shows Mother Mayhem and her cult reciting a chant. It looks like they’re channeling their power through him. Also, according to the season trailer released earlier this month, Sebastian could be the son of Mother Mayhem and Trigon.

When does Titans season 4, episode 4 come out?

Titans season 4, episode 4, titled “Super Super Mart”, will premiere on HBO Max on Thursday, November 17, at 3 am Eastern Standard Time, 2 am Central Time, and 12am Pacific Standard Time. As of now, the times and dates will remain the same throughout, with new episodes releasing weekly for the next four weeks.

This season, Titans will adopt a formula different to its previous seasons, with the first six episodes premiering weekly before it takes a break (at which point the first half of Doom Patrol season 4 will air). After that, it will return sometime in 2023 to stream the second half of its season.

HBO Max shows always stick to a tight schedule. If the WarnerMedia streaming service says something will debut on a certain day and time, that’s when viewers can expect it to arrive.

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What are you hoping to see from Titans season 4 on HBO Max? Have you been enjoying the season thus far? Let us know in the comments below.