Titans season 4, episode 5 live stream: Watch online

Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max
Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max /

Titans season 4 on HBO Max is here with its fifth episode of season. Here’s how you can watch “Inside Man” online.

If you didn’t know about Mother Mayhem from DC Comics (this writer didn’t), seeing her origin story play out in Titans was a nice touch. It appears she wasn’t always evil. Mother Mayhem (or just May) was just another person trying to get by. Unfortunately, she wasn’t always able to control her powers. This caused her to leave her job and put her right in the path of The Organization.

Throughout the previous episode, viewers get to see what she went through before becoming Mother Mayhem. She had to endure a lot of pain and give up herself to gain the power and status that she does. This was a very typical villain origin story of a good person going bad. When Sebastian Sanger eventually joins her, don’t be shocked if she willingly sacrifices herself. It’s like showing everything she went through was just to see her fall.

At the end of the episode, the Titans go to S.T.A.R. Labs to protect Sebastian. Their hope is that surviving the night will stop the prophecy. It’s a good plan. Too bad they’ll now have to worry about one of the strongest members of their team betraying them.

Conner is unwell and unable to stop th blood coming from his mouth. He then sees a snake – something other people see when they’re controled by Mother Mayhem. After putting Sebastian in a secure place, Conner looks to be possessed. Mother Mayhem must have gained access to Conner’s body and mind after zombie Deathstroke stabbed him. This could be how Sebastian is taken to Mother Mayhem and why episode 5 is named “Inside Man”.

How to watch Titans season 4 online

As Titans is an HBO Max-exclusive series, episode 5 of season 4 – and the rest of the season – can be viewed on HBO Max in the U.S. If you live outside of the U.S., the episode will premiere on Netflix (along with the rest of Season 4) some time after the season finishes.

Full details on how to watch episode 4 of Titans season 4 can be found below. This includes the premiere date, streaming information, and more.

Date: Thursday, November 24
Season: 4
Episode: 5 “Inside Man”
Live stream: HBO Max

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