Titans season 4, episode 6 live stream: Watch online

Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max
Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max /

The midseason finale of Titans season 4 is on its way to HBO Max. Here’s how you can watch the episode online and what you can expect. 

The mid-season break in a show can be just as important as the finale. Both have the ability to make a viewer excited about what’s coming next. It can also give companies an idea of how their project is doing. If you’re a DC Comics show (like Titans), it is crucial to its survival.

With Warner Bros. Discovery cutting shows like a kid with scissors and paper, their finale is more important than most. Thankfully, fans of Titans can rest easy. Season 4 has been great so far. Hopefully, it’s enough to keep the project going. There’s no guarantee that Warner won’t cancel the series at some point. Even if episode 6, titled “Brother Blood”, is perfect.

Episode 5 of Titans leads into the midseason finale perfectly. On the villain’s side, Mother Mayhem (or May) sacrificed her only friend to fulfill a prophecy. And, as you probably assumed, the plan worked. Sebastian Sanger is back with his mother and away from the heroes. None of this is shocking since the mid-season finale is called “Brother Blood”.

On the heroes’ side, they have to figure out how to stop the return of Trigon, get Sebastian back from his mother, and stop the end of the world. They also have to do this with their most powerful weapon, Conner Kent. He’ll most likely still be healing from his injury. Even if they say he’s, “all healed up” that doesn’t mean he isn’t hiding his pain. Both physical and mental. Plus, his weakness to magic could make him a liability.

How to watch Titans season 4 online

As Titans is an HBO Max-exclusive series, episode 6 of season 4 – and the rest of the season – can be viewed on HBO Max in the U.S. If you live outside of the U.S., the episode will premiere on Netflix (along with the rest of Season 4) some time after the season finishes.

Full details on how to watch episode 6 of Titans season 4 can be found below. This includes the premiere date, streaming information, and more.

Date: Thursday, December 1
Season: 4
Episode: 6 “Brother Blood”
Live stream: HBO Max

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