Invincible season 2 is not coming to Amazon Prime Video in 2022

Invincible - Episode 101 - "It's About Time" --Pictured: Steven Yeun (Mark Grayson) -- Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Invincible - Episode 101 - "It's About Time" --Pictured: Steven Yeun (Mark Grayson) -- Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

Invincible season 2 will not be premiering on Amazon Prime Video this year. When can audiences expect it to premiere?

Invincible season 2 has been a long time coming. To say that fans of the Amazon Prime Video animated series have been eagerly anticipating its return would be one of the biggest understatements in the world of TV all year, but updates about its return have been far and few between.

The show premiered on the streaming service back in March 2021, with its eight-episode run dominating the comic book TV genre for the six weeks that it aired. And it wasn’t just a flash-in-the-pan either as Invincible has remained at the forefront of the conversation when it comes to comic book television and animated television.

Even with all of that excitement, there haven’t been that many updates about Invincible season 2, and that likely won’t change this month. Amazon Prime Video revealed its listings for December and the show’s second season is not on there, meaning that the initial 2022 release window is not coming to fruition. But when can we expect it?

Does Invincible season 2 have a release date?

Invincible season 2 is expected to premiere on Amazon Prime Video in 2023. While the show was initially hoping to return this year, things did not pan out that way simply because animation takes time to produce, and this is one of the highest quality animated shows you will find on any platform.

It may not have arrived as soon as fans were hoping but it is still on its way. The voice cast have been recording their lines for the second season since last April, with star Jason Mantzoukas (who voices Rex Splode on the series) telling Collider that he “can tease nothing except that it will be incredible, full stop.”

Earlier in the year, showrunner Simon Racioppa told that to do such a big show properly “takes time”.

Taking all of that into account, it’s looking like Invincible season 2 could premiere next year but if that is the case it will probably be mid 2023 at the very earliest.

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