Why Young Justice was cancelled (Why season 5 isn’t happening)

Photo Credit: Young Justice: Outsiders/DC Universe Image Acquired from Warner Bros. Television Press Site
Photo Credit: Young Justice: Outsiders/DC Universe Image Acquired from Warner Bros. Television Press Site /

Young Justice was one of the most popular animated shows of our generation but it won’t be back for a fifth season. Here’s why Young Justice season 5 isn’t happening.

If there was ever a show that defied odds more times than you would think possible, it might just be Young Justice. The DC animated series was originally produced for Cartoon Network in 2010 and ran for two incredibly successful seasons before it was cancelled due to poor toy sales (which ultimately resulted in funding for the show being pulled).

However, the show found new life on Netflix when it became incredibly popular after the first two seasons were made available to stream. This resulted in a huge fan campaign to save the show, with “KeepBingeingYJ” trending on Twitter many times throughout. That campaign was ultimately successful as the show was revived for the new DC Universe streaming service.

When DC Universe evolved out of the streaming game, the show was renewed for a fourth season that would stream on HBO Max instead. And that’s exactly what happened. But why has that fourth season ultimately become its last?

Why Young Justice season 5 isn’t happening

Young Justice‘s first cancellation was down to a reason outside of its performance (it was actually performing incredibly well for Cartoon Network) and it unfortunately looks like its second cancellation is in a similar predicament. While the show’s third season was clearly successful enough to warrant a renewal for season 4, that renewal was a one-season commitment that HBO Max produced. Unfortunately, the streamer seems to have opted against renewing it for another.

After the Warner Bros. and Discovery merger, Warner’s new parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery, cancelled a lot of in-development or produced TV shows and movies for HBO Max. While Young Justice wasn’t on the cancellation block, it was subsequently revealed that the streamer had no plans on renewing the series for a fifth season, bringing its second run to a quiet and disappointing close.

If there is any show capable of staging another comeback, it’s definitely Young Justice and there is no reason to think that the-powers-that-be at Warner Bros. Discovery and HBO Max couldn’t change their minds in the future. For now, though, Young Justice: Phantoms, was the show’s final outing.

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