The Walking Dead lives: Even more TWD is on the way after new spinoffs

The Walking Dead Universe will continue to grow in unexpected ways as the future of TWD is bigger than ever, it seems.

The Walking Dead dominated television and pop culture for over a decade throughout its run, spawning three spinoffs along the way. A 12-year run, a game-changing spectacle, and some damn good television would have been an incredible legacy for it to leave behind, but that’s not all it wanted to leave behind.

In the aftermath of its run, AMC will launch three new spinoffs focusing on primary TWD charactersThe Walking Dead: Dead CityDaryl Dixon, and the as-of-yet untitled Rick and Michonne spinoff. The six-part shows will expand the TWD Universe in ways that the original series could not, and they might even have potential for more adventures beyond their first seasons. But it appears that is not all that is in the works.

In a recent interview with Collider, the Chief Content Officer of the TWD Universe Scott Gimple discussed the possibility of anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead returning for a season 2. He was hopeful in his statement, revealing his excitement for the new chapter of the TWD Universe where the priority in 2023 will be launching the new spinoffs and wrapping up Fear The Walking Dead.

However, he also revealed that there could be even more TWD content in the works, adding:

“And then, there are other projects that have been on the burner, as well. We’re getting the next phase ready.”

The “next phase” of the Walking Dead Universe

AMC has been promoting these three new spinoff shows as the next phase of the TWD Universe. Like Marvel Studios, it seems that the cable network is going all in on expanding the world of The Walking Dead, and that will undoubtedly come as a relief to fans who were worried that these spinoff shows (especially the Rick and Michonne one) were essentially tying up all of the loose ends of the universe before one last major conclusion.

Scott Gimple’s comments, however, suggest otherwise. Regardless of whether these new spinoffs go on beyond their first seasons (or simply exist as limited series), it sounds like there are other projects that will come after them. Whatever these other projects “on the burner” are, it means that there is life in this undead universe yet.

No doubt this will result in a multitude of speculation from fans eager for more Walking Dead. Would these future projects feature more TWD characters, could it finally be time for Melissa McBride’s Carol to star in her own series, or will this start a new chapter in the Walking Dead story full of new characters instead?

Wherever we go from here, this next phase of the TWD Universe gets more and more intriguing with each announcement. And we can’t wait to hear more about these future TWD projects “on the burner” that Gimple was alluding to.

This isn’t the end for The Walking Dead Universe, it’s only the beginning.

What shows from The Walking Dead Universe do you think could be next? Let us know in the comments below!