Werewolf by Night director Michael Giacchino’s next project

The Batman and Spider-Man: No Way Home composer Michael Giacchino is set to helm a remake of ‘50s sci-fi Them! making it his feature-length directorial debut.

Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino will step behind the camera again to helm a reboot of the ‘50s sci-fi cult classic Them! about giant man-eating ants, according to Deadline.

Fresh off making his directorial debut on the Marvel Studios web-television special Werewolf by Night for Disney Plus, Giacchino has been in a meeting with writers in order to adapt the original 1954 film into production for Warner Bros. Pictures making it his big screen debut as a director.

What is Them! about?

Released in 1954, the original Them! is centered on towering radioactive ants that are discovered in the New Mexico desert. They became a danger near Alamogordo when two young queen ants and their consorts escape to constitute new nests. It was directed by Gordon Douglas, who was a genre filmmaker back during the Golden Age of Hollywood.

At first, starting out his career as a child actor appearing in films by Maurice Costello, Douglas became a bookkeeper for MGM before directing for Hal Roach, RKO Pictures, Columbia, Warner Bros, and more than independently over the course of a half-a-century-long career.

Renowned for being one of the first motion pictures in the United States under the umbrella of monster films as the “nuclear monster”, Them! was conceived by writer George Worthing Yates, who penned the original story treatment that was developed into a screenplay by Ted Sherdeman, adapted by Russell Hughes. It was produced by David Weisbart.

Notable for composing for many of the key talents in cinema in the modern era, from the likes of Brad Bird, Colin Trevorrow, Pete Docter, and The Wachowskis, Michael Giacchino always had a flair for music and the moving image from a very young age. He always made movies as a kid with his brother, Anthony, in his hometown in New Jersey.

With Them!, not only will Giacchino will direct, he will also compose his own score, much like he did with Werewolf by Night. His filmmaking brother also will be involved in the production. The composer for projects such as Jurassic WorldMission Impossible III, Up, Spider-Man: No Way Home, The Batman, and Lightyear, has directed his own short film, Monster Challenge starring Patton Oswalt in 2018, as well as an episode of Star Trek: Short Treks.

Werewolf by Night was the biggest production of his directing career thus far, paving the way for Them!

What do you think of composer Michael Giacchino extending his filmmaking arm to directing films? Any thoughts on his Halloween Special Werewolf by Night? What do you look forward to him doing next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!