Avatar 2 is not coming to Disney Plus in February 2023

Avatar 2: The Way of Water will not be making its streaming debut on Disney Plus in the coming month. 

Cinema fans are raving about Avatar 2. Excuse the pun, but the sequel over 10 years in the making whooshed onto the big screen like a tidal wave, endearing itself to audiences like its predecessor did and making a lot of money at the box office (even with monumentally huge expectations to meet).

As of writing, the James Cameron movie has become only the sixth in history to surpass $2 billion at the global box office. Right now, just Avengers: Infinity WarStar Wars: The Force AwakensTitanicAvengers: Endgame, and the original Avatar sit between it and the top spot. That’s a lot of superheroes and a lot of James Cameron to overcome, but who knows when it will slow down.

One thing that will ensure that people will keep going to the theaters to see it is the fact that it won’t be making its streaming debut on Disney Plus this month. While the movie is destined to live there, Disney Plus has released its listings for the month of February, and Avatar: The Way of Water unfortunately isn’t listed on there.

Avatar 2 Disney Plus release date predictions

Avatar 2: The Way of Water has been a huge theatrical success for Disney, and with it continuing to break records and achieve levels of success that very few movies ever do, the studio really won’t want to rush its streaming debut. Not only would lengthening the wait for is premiere on Disney Plus ensure that fans will continue to see it on the silver screen, it would make it an even bigger television event when it does debut on the streamer.

The other huge tentpole release from the fourth quarter of 2022 that is on its way to Disney Plus is Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. It will premiere on the service on February 1, just under three months after its theatrical release in November. Taking that into account, Avatar: The Way of Water could launch on Disney Plus in early March (or anytime throughout that month).

That said, don’t rule out an April release at this point either. Given the movie’s success, and the fact that James Cameron himself told Variety at the Golden Globes, “Enough with the streaming already!”, we could be looking at a longer wait for the movie’s debut on Disney Plus.

As always, it’s best to wait for an official announcement from Disney itself, as that is just a prediction. But keep a lookout in March, as that is the earliest it could debut.

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