Titans and Doom Patrol will conclude after the season 4 break

Doom Patrol season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max
Doom Patrol season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max /

The cancellation of HBO Max’s Titans and Doom Patrol may let down their fan bases, but no one should be surprised by this decision. 

Doom Patrol and Titans represent the first of the HBO Max original DC Comics shows. Originally part of DC Universe before it evolved out of the streaming game, they were the ones that showed a different version of the DC Comics heroes.

Titans gave the world a universe where Nightwing kills, curses, and is fed up with Batman. He’s had moments of annoyance with his mentor in the comics, but in this show, it looks like he flat out hates Bruce Wayne. Dick Grayson also runs with a team that embraces him as a leader and eventually becomes a family.

Doom Patrol is among the most creative comic book shows of all time. While there are programs with teams composed of misfit heroes that save the world, this is different. Few shows have embraced the goofiness, cursing, and nonsense like this show does. For example, none of them fought zombie butts.

Despite all of the goofiness of Doom Patrol and the violence of Titans, both shows have depth – especially Doom Patrol, which had no business having so many powerful moments. This is why the cancellation of both shows is disappointing. However, it isn’t shocking.

Do Titans and Doom Patrol have planned endings?

Warner Bros. Discovery has been cleaning house. As most fans have seen, the second half of 2022 saw a lot of completed and in-development shows and movies get canceled, as WBD is preparing for one single shared universe. It’s been disappointing. Thankfully, there are some projects that saw the writing on the wall and adjusted accordingly. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the creative teams of both shows were aware that they might not get renewed and adjusted to ensure they would have definitive endings.

It definitely looks like Doom Patrol knew this was coming. It could be why the team’s longevity was taken away in the first half of season 4. This way, they could have a series finale that lets them pass away in peace. Well, whatever peace would be for them.

This writer isn’t sure about Titans. The first half of the fourth season didn’t have a feeling of a final series. But the second half could show that they planned for the series to end (the series finale is called “Titans Forever”). Hopefully, they did. There are few things more frustrating for fans than a season-ending cliffhanger with no conclusion. If that does happen, DC Comics fans will lose more faith in the company.

Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow for more on season 4 of both shows as the news develops.

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