4 TV shows that will probably be cancelled in 2023

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Harley Quinn, ep. 4 “Finding Mr. Right” — Photo Credit: 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The TV landscape is unpredictable and these four TV shows could find themselves in danger this year (as much as we really don’t want them to!).

2022 was one of the most traumatic years for TV fans in recent memory While the renewal and cancellation window in May always brings some anxiety because not every show will make it into the next season, this year’s was particularly frustrating given that The CW – the network known for renewing almost all of its programming on an annual basis – culled half of its line-up as it prepared to be sold to Nexstar.

Meanwhile, over at Warner Bros. Discovery, new leadership also saw some unexpected cancellations, with completed HBO Max movie Batgirl scrapped and written off before it could be released (along with a number of other HBO Max titles). And as DC Studios was formed, a ton of in-development projects at the old DC were canned as new heads James Gunn and Peter Safran worked to come up with a new DCEU going forward.

Of course, there were plenty of other cancellations too, with Netflix nixing multiple shows after one season yet again, CBS shockingly cancelling Magnum PI (until NBC saved it) and UK station Channel 5 pulling the plug on long-running Australian soap Neighbours forcing it to end after 37 years (until Amazon Freevee saved the day and announced its comeback just a few months after the series finale). However, the CW and Warner situations are particularly worth paying attention to, because they could very well lead to more cancellations in the year ahead… ones that we really don’t want to see.

DC fans have already lost TitansDoom Patrol, and Pennyworth, but which other TV shows might be in jeopardy this year?

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