The Last of Us: Expectations for the season 1 finale

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The Last of Us season 1 finale could explain Ellie’s immunity and so much more. Here’s what fans can expect from its conclusion.

If there is one thing that this writer can warn about the season 1 finale of The Last of Us, it’s that it will be emotional. There are going to be parts of the show that will anger a lot of people.

Bella Ramsey (who plays Ellie) told Vogue, “It’s going to divide people massively – massively,” and she’s right. It happened with the video game, it’ll happen here as well. Maybe even more since the show reached a wider audience.

The Last of Us’ social media confirmed a surprise. Something people who played the game didn’t even get. The season 1 finale will introduce Ellie’s mother, Anna Williams. What makes this even more brilliant is she’ll be played by Ashley Johnson who was Ellie in both of The Last of Us video games. The show’s continuing to add things like this to show is why The Last of Us is the greatest video game adaptation to date.

While the division of viewers and Ellie’s mother are all but solidified in the season finale, there are other parts this writer thinks will happen. Here they are and why these moves make sense.

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How is Ellie immune?

If you want to know why Ellie is immune, this writer has a theory. Look no further than Blade from Marvel Comics. Blade’s mother was bitten by a vampire while she was still pregnant with him. This left him immune to a lot of the vampires’ weaknesses but gave him all of their strengths. This is likely what happened to Anna. Getting bit by an infected human, combined with Anna’s body protecting Ellie before she was born is probably what kept her immune. It wouldn’t be shocking if we find out Ellie has been infected her entire life.

The good thing about this is it answers questions. Fans of the video game have theories on Ellie’s immunity, but they were never confirmed. The show may not be canon, but it’s enough. If this goes over well, The Last of Us 3 will have elements from the show within the game.

Marlene and Anna

Marlene and Anna were friends in The Last of Us game. It appears that this is the same in the show. The game didn’t show what brought them together and how deep their friendship was. It must have been intense since Marlene cared for Ellie as much as she did. The possibility of a vaccine couldn’t have been enough for Marlene to risk people’s lives. Being able to see their love for each other will add depth to Marlene’s character. It will also add something to the season finale.

The Last of Us Abby Anderson

Lastly, this could be the perfect time to introduce Abby to The Last of Us. One of the complaints gamers had was how long it took to get into why Abby is involved in the story. That wait could have people check out of the show.

Getting right into it saves time in the next season. And, as you may have seen in the show, the creative team does a fantastic job of cutting out unnecessary things. If fans do see her, it will be during a mid or end-credit. HBO doesn’t typically do that, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Plus, this would be one heck of a cliffhanger.

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