Who plays Marlene in HBO’s The Last of Us?

The Last of Us. Photograph by Courtesy of HBO.
The Last of Us. Photograph by Courtesy of HBO. /

Marlene started out The Last of Us as one of Joel and Tess’ unexpected allies, but who plays the Fireflies commander on the HBO series?

Marlene made her presence felt in the very first episode of The Last of Us. The commander of the Fireflies, she quickly made herself known as an ally of Ellie’s and offered her a chance to do something that nobody else could: Save humanity.

She knew that Ellie’s apparent immunity to the cordyceps infection made her the key to saving mankind. As a result, she entrusted Ellie’s safety with Joel and Tess, telling the two to protect her as they headed to a Fireflies base to see if they could synthesize a cure or a vaccine.

Marlene is an important part of both the video game and the TV show’s story, and if you’d like to know who plays her, find out below.

The Last of Us Marlene actress

Marlene is portrayed by Merle Dandridge in HBO’s The Last of Us. What’s even better is that Dandridge reprises her role from the video game, having also brought the character to life via voicework and motion capture in the source material. While other stars from The Last of Us video game appeared in the show, such as Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson, and Jeffrey Pierce, Dandridge is the only original star to play the same role on the TV series.

But that’s not all Dandridge is known for, as she’s a veteran of her craft. Also a singer, she has performed on Broadway in musicals such as Jesus Christ Superstar, Rent, Spamalot, and Once on This Island. She’s also been a regular presence on television, playing the lead role in Greenleaf, and main roles in The Flight AttendantTruth Be Told, and Station 19. She also appeared in shows such as Sons of Anarchy, Star-Crossed, and The Night Shift in a recurring capacity.

Dandridge has such a formidable presence as Marlene and it’s wonderful to see her get the chance to showcase that all over again in the HBO series.

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