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The Last of Us Episode 6
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Who is The Last of Us’ Abby Anderson and why is her character important to the hit HBO show’s second season? 

Adapting The Last of Us as a TV show was a bold move. Even for HBO. First, video game adaptations have a history of being bad. It’s only recently that they’ve started to get better. On top of the stigma that comes with the genre, The Last of Us is a beloved game. While the gameplay is good, it’s the story that people remember most. Both of those elements together made the show a gamble. Thankfully, it paid off.

The series was renewed for a second season after just two episodes. With a new season also comes the introduction of new characters. We may have already met one of them in episode 6, but here’s one more character that will likely be coming in season 2.

Her name is Abby Anderson. She became one of the most important and controversial characters in The Last of Us game.


Depending on who you ask, Abby could be the hero or the villain of The Last of Us Part II. At the end of the first game, Joel kills a doctor who happens to not only be a leader of the Fireflies, but Abby’s father. This leads Abby on a journey for revenge. Something she gets. Unfortunately, things don’t end after she gets retribution for her father’s death. This sets Ellie on her own trek for vengeance against Abby.

Because Abby is such a crucial character to The Last of Us, certain things are a must when she’s being cast. Here is what we need from TV’s Abby and why they’re important to not just her, but the advancement of the show.

The first thing you’ll notice about Abby is her physical presence. Big arms, broad shoulders, and looks like she can take anyone in a fight. In short, she’s built tougher than a tank. She also has a long braided ponytail (an important thing for the end of the game).

This is an important part of Abby’s story. Her appearance is part of her identity. She’s proud of her body and you can tell she’s worked on it. You can see this during flashbacks because she’s taken her training seriously. Abby wanted to be prepared when she came across Joel. Plus, she’s one of the (if not the) best fighters, hunters, and soldiers in her community.

By the end of the game, Abby’s appearance comes into play in a big way. The last time she’s seen, her long ponytail is cut, she’s lost at least 50 pounds from malnutrition, and she looks weak. None of this is the character that’s seen throughout the series. It made this writer tear up seeing her broken down physically. However, it was nice that she never gave up fighting.

Abby’s personality

Abby can’t be all about revenge. Yes, vengeance is her motivation and a huge part of the story as a whole, but there’s more to her character.

Abby is also caring. She’s willing to give things up to make people happy or comfortable. You’d never guess that the first time you meet her. She may come across as a possessed person at first, but the story progresses, you’ll see she’s more than that.

During The Last of Us Part II, Abby learns that things aren’t as black and white as she believed. Her enemies aren’t all bad and her team isn’t full of good people. Both things she had to learn the hard way. People she loved died in the process and she ended up saving people she thought were her adversaries.

Without these parts of her story, she’s just another villain and that has to be avoided at all costs. You may hate her, but she’s not your average antagonist. You may even relate to her as season 2 and 3 proceed.

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