Zachary Levi fought to get Henry Cavill in Shazam but was ‘thwarted’

If you were disappointed Henry Cavill did not appear as Superman in Shazam, you’re not alone as Zachary Levi has made it clear he fought hard for Cavill to cameo.

There was a lot to love about 2019’s Shazam, but one thing that left fans feeling a bit defeated was the film’s inability to follow through with a cameo from Henry Cavill leading to a less-than-fulfilling Superman appearance.

At the end of the film, Billy surprises Freddy during school lunch when he shows up as Shazam to have lunch and he’s not alone. Joining Shazam is a “friend,” who ends up being the Man of Steel himself, Superman, who enters the cafeteria to join them for lunch. It’s a fun moment, but one that falls a bit flat due to the fact that we never get to see Superman’s face with the character only being shown from the neck down.

The moment was one that has left fans confused still to this day, leading them to often play the blame game when it’s come to who was responsible for failing to make a cameo from Cavill happen. It’s unclear whether we’ll ever know for certain who shut down the cameo, but Zachary Levi is making sure fans know he was not to blame for that shortcoming.

Zachary Levi confirms he fought to get Henry Cavill in Shazam

During an Instagram live, Shazam star Zachary Levi confirmed to fans that the creative team tried desperately to get Henry Cavill in the film and never wanted Superman to be a headless figure. Unfortunately, unnamed sources “thwarted” those plans and prevented the hard-working team from making the cameo happen.

“We tried desperately to get Henry Cavill in the first movie. He wasn’t a headless Superman because we wanted him to be a headless Superman. We were thwarted,” Levi revealed. “All of these hard-working people were thwarted. We were not allowed to have that happen, ok? That was not on us. That was not because we didn’t want that to happen for you.”

As Levi assured fans, a cameo from Cavill is something he too would have loved to see as a comic book nerd and he was also bummed by the fact that they were unable to make it happen.

“Listen guys, I am a comic nerd. I’ve been growing up with this stuff. I love all this stuff. I want to blow all of your minds with all the cross and all the goods and trust me, it bummed me out greatly when we couldn’t get Henry Cavill. I wanted him so bad in the first movie and we couldn’t get him. That was not because we didn’t try. It was not because we chose not to have him there. That was not on us.”

So next time you want to complain about whose fault it was that Henry Cavill did not appear in Shazam, you might think twice about pointing a finger in the direction of Levi.