All 8 Game of Thrones seasons ranked from worst to best

Game of Thrones season 8 production still. Kit Harington, Emilia Helen Sloane/HBO
Game of Thrones season 8 production still. Kit Harington, Emilia Helen Sloane/HBO /
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8. Game of Thrones season 8

Let’s face it, Game of Thrones fans… season 8 features some incredible moments that have us on the edge of our seats, and some moments that make us want to rip our hair out.

The Battle of Winterfell is one of the biggest moments of the season, and it has its pros and cons. The tension is great throughout and the way it was shot makes it feel like we’re right there in the middle of the action. But is it too dark? Yes. I couldn’t see anything! I’m sorry if that criticism annoys you, but I mean could you see anything? I ended up having to adjust my TV settings to watch the scene.

Anyway. Arya Stark emerging from the shadows to take down the Night King is… alright. It’s alright to me. I love that Arya does it because she’s an amazing character, but the shot itself is kind of cheesy. There’s so much buildup for something that’s ultimately a little disappointing.

The pacing of the season is rushed, with many plotlines and character arcs feeling like they’re wrapped up just to get to the end. The writing also takes a dip in quality, with several fan favorites acting out of character and some major plot points feeling unearned. The decision to make Daenerys Targaryen turn into a “Mad Queen” is forced and rushed, with not enough buildup or justification for such a drastic change in her character. I love Dany, so this hurt me. She doesn’t deserve to die in the end in such a way.

And don’t even get me started on that disappointing series finale, which still has many fans feeling unsatisfied and let down. I will be the first one to admit that I love Bran! He’s a great character and has an awesome storyline throughout the season. I know, it’s an unpopular opinion. But even so, the choice to have him rule in the end is super random. And justice for Jon Snow, please!

The final season ultimately falls short of the high bar set by previous ones. But even with its flaws, I will always love this show and the unforgettable journey it took us on. Now let’s move on.