Daredevil is becoming what The Punisher said he would

Marvel's Daredevil. Image courtesy Netflix
Marvel's Daredevil. Image courtesy Netflix /

Daredevil is unraveling and becoming everything that Frank Castle said he would. 

For decades, Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher, and Matt Murdock, a.k.a. Daredevil, have battled in the pages of Marvel Comics.

The Man without Fear detested how The Punisher dealt with criminals in such a violent manner because he felt that even the worst people deserved to be put through the legal system. Frank Castle, on the other hand, had given up on the justice system and had a message for Daredevil. Frank always said that Hell’s Kitchen’s protector was one bad day away from becoming him. Of course, Matt Murdock didn’t believe that. And despite Matt’s sometimes overly violent tendencies, he’s never purposely killed someone. He also looks out for the people close to him.

However, since taking on the task of destroying the Hand, Punisher’s thoughts on Daredevil are coming true.

"“People are always going to die. But isn’t it worth dying for something?” – Daredevil"

In Daredevil No. 9 by Chip Zdarsky (2023), The Man without Fear is unintentionally disregarding the people who’ve been helping him. Detective Cole North told Matt that Daredevil’s battle was never going to end. If that sounds familiar, it should. This is something that Matt Murdock has said to Punisher. Frank’s war on crime was never going to end. Now it looks like Daredevil’s may not either and he doesn’t care.

Soon after that, Dr. Leonard Samson left with some of Daredevil’s soldiers. He said that it was time he took some of them away to continue their treatment, adding that Matt’s mission has set his patients’ recovery back months. For example, Speed Demon who thinks he’s the hand of god and can be forgiven for killing. Instead of trying to understand where Samson was coming from, Matt lashed out. This proved that Sampson leaving was a good idea.

Daredevil becoming more like Frank Castle isn’t shocking. He’s always toed the line of going too far. There were times when he tortured people to get what he needed. Don’t be shocked if this series concludes with Matt Murdock sacrificing his life and Elektra becoming the only Daredevil.

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