The Super Mario Bros. Movie review: Is it worth seeing?

The Super Mario Bros. Movie, image courtesy 2022 Nintendo and Universal Studios
The Super Mario Bros. Movie, image courtesy 2022 Nintendo and Universal Studios /

Is The Super Mario Bros. Movie worth seeing? What can you expect from it? Let’s find out.

The fight for the beloved Mushroom Kingdom is finally here as the long-awaited return of Mario and Luigi to the big screen has arrived. (Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen the film yet.)

One thing that fans of any game that comes from the Mario property can be assured of is that the plot is always straightforward and an easy yet enjoyable time. The Super Mario Bros. Movie is no different as the plot is laid out in an unconvoluted manner.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie review

Bowser wants Princess Peach’s hand in marriage and will take over the world to do so. At the start of the film Mario and Luigi are two bumbling plumbers struggling to start their own business before they’re whisked away to the Mushroom Kingdom which looks and feels exactly like the one fans of the games have come to love. Everything in this universe has the exact feel of the games and offers a lot of Easter eggs and callbacks.

They have question mark boxes that unveil items, brick blocks begging to be smashed, and even toads harvesting coins. Bowser himself has collected a star which he plans to use to sweep the Princess off her feet in a grand gesture of marriage. The overall plot is simple but, the way that they manage to weave aspects of the various games is a rather clever way to advance the plot forward. We get the thrill of racing karts and dropping the dreaded bananas, a call back to Luigi’s Haunted Mansion, and even a map resembling that from Super Mario the game.

One thing that goes underrated about this film is the soundtrack. Throughout the film fans are treated to the classic Mario tunes we are used to hearing as we die repeatedly thanks to that stupid Koopa. Moreover, the cast themselves do a wonderful job. A big worry going into the film was how Chris Pratt would portray the classic Mario voice and while it isn’t the one we know, he and Charlie Day do a fantastic job putting their own Brooklyn spin on it.

All in all, if you grew up loving the franchise then this film is made for you. It’s a wonderfully enjoyable adventure full of heart with nods to its origins while putting its own spin on things. Be sure to stay after the credits as there are two post-credit scenes – one of which is important to the future of Super Mario films. Grab some popcorn and relax and enjoy the adventure.

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