AI selects 5 actors to replace Henry Cavill as Superman

Henry Cavill (Superman / Clark Kent) in Zack Snyder's Justice League. Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max
Henry Cavill (Superman / Clark Kent) in Zack Snyder's Justice League. Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max /

Everyone has thoughts on who should replace Henry Cavill as Superman, but who does AI think should play the Man of Steel? 

It seems almost impossible to think of someone other than Henry Cavill playing Superman on the big screen, but this will soon become a reality now that we know Cavill is officially out as the Man of Steel.

As James Gunn and Peter Safran work to bring an end to the DCEU as we know it and look to launch a new shared universe, a change of the guard is coming. Actors who have played DC’s biggest heroes on the big screen are wrapping up their runs or have already begun to be shown to the door, as DC’s new leadership begins shifting its focus toward the future.

It’s an unusual transition as we’ve never really seen a reboot of this magnitude connected to a blockbuster franchise such as DC. To be talking about recasting iconic roles as films from the current franchise are still being rolled out feels unusual, but that hasn’t stopped fans from looking to the future and sharing their fan casts.

Every DC fan has an opinion on who should take on the biggest roles in the DC Universe relaunch, especially when it comes to who should play the Man of Steel. There are endless choices for who could take on the role and there’s truly no telling who Gunn might land on when the dust finally settles.

Actors who should replace Henry Cavill as Superman (according to AI)

As we wait to find out who James Gunn chooses to take on the role of Superman in his upcoming film, we decided to have some fun and ask AI to tell us who it thinks Gunn should cast in the role!

In order to cast as wide of a net as possible, we turned to ChatGPT’s AI tool and tasked it with telling us five actors who could replace Henry Cavill as Superman. No restrictions were set, we simply asked AI to give us a list of the five actors it thought could make a perfect Man of Steel. Just who does AI think would be perfect in the role of Superman? Here are the five actors AI selected:

"Michael B. Jordan – Jordan is a talented actor who has proven his superhero chops in films like Black Panther and the Fantastic Four reboot. He has the charisma and physicality to bring a new take on the character of Superman.John Boyega – Boyega is another actor who has already shown his action chops in the Star Wars franchise. He has a natural charm and an ability to bring depth to his characters, making him a strong contender for the role of Superman.Nicholas Hoult – Hoult has been steadily building his resume with roles in films like Mad Max: Fury Road and the X-Men franchise. He has a youthful energy and intensity that could make for an interesting take on the Man of Steel.Riz Ahmed – Ahmed is a versatile actor who has shown his range in films like Nightcrawler and The Sisters Brothers. He has a natural intensity and intelligence that could bring a new dimension to Superman.Chris Pine – Pine has already proven himself as a leading man in films like Wonder Woman and Star Trek. He has the charm and charisma to make for a compelling Superman, and his previous experience with superhero films could serve him well in the role."

Not going to lie, AI has some impressive taste! It’s easy to imagine any of these actors taking on the role of Superman in the new DC Universe and fans couldn’t lose if DC were to choose any of the actors AI selected.

Looking at the list, Chris Pine definitely is a standout simply as he’s not a name many have tossed around which is likely due to his connection to the current DCEU having played Steve Trevor in the Wonder Woman films. However, if DC indeed doesn’t have any qualms with casting actors who have played other roles in the DCEU, Pine definitely could be a sleeper for the role of Superman.

It’s also great seeing names such as Michael B. Jordan and Nicholas Hoult on the list as both actors’ names have come up frequently in conversations about potential replacements. There’s no denying both could attain the character’s physicality and also have displayed amazing acting chops in their careers which would help them take on the character who is expected to be a key figure in the new DC Universe.

The same can be said for Riz Ahmed and John Boyega, two actors fans have long wanted to see in a superhero film. What better way to break into that genre than by playing the Man of Steel?!

While there’s no telling who Gunn might choose to play Superman, AI definitely has given him some amazing selections to choose from as any of these five actors would be amazing in the role if DC were to come knocking.

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