Batman: All 8 Poison Ivy actresses ranked worst to best

5/27- "Batman And Robin " Movie Stills Starring Uma Thurman As "Poison Ivy" (Photo By Getty Images)
5/27- "Batman And Robin " Movie Stills Starring Uma Thurman As "Poison Ivy" (Photo By Getty Images) /
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4. Diane Pershing

Diane Pershing is a voice actress who has left an indelible mark on the world of animation with her iconic portrayal of Poison Ivy, a villainess from the DC Comics universe. She first lent her voice to the character in the 1992 series Batman: The Animated Series and continued to play the role in subsequent animated shows like Justice League and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Pershing’s voice acting for Poison Ivy was praised for its sensuality, charm, and wit, which perfectly captured the essence of the character’s seductive and manipulative nature. Her portrayal of Poison Ivy’s eco-terrorist beliefs and her passion for protecting the natural world made her a complex and intriguing character that was hard to forget.

In addition to her work as Poison Ivy, Pershing has also lent her voice to other memorable characters, including Magica De Spell in DuckTales and Catwoman in The Adventures of Batman and Robin. However, it’s her role as Ivy that remains her most iconic performance and one that fans immediately think of when they hear Pershing’s name.

Pershing’s legacy as a voice actress has been cemented through her iconic portrayal of Poison Ivy, which has become a fan favorite among DC Comics enthusiasts. Her contribution to the world of animation has been significant, and her work has undoubtedly inspired and entertained countless viewers over the years.