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2. House of the Dragon episode 8: “The Lord of the Tides”

We get another time jump in between episodes 8 and 9, and in “The Lord of the Tides,” all eyes are on the Velaryons as news hits that Corlys is injured and might not recover. Lucerys is the appointed heir of Driftmark, but Corlys’ brother Vaemond won’t have it. He accuses Rhaenyra of mothering bastards, saying he should take the Driftmark Throne. Of course, treason like this doesn’t go unpunished, and Vaemond loses his head for it.

This episode really showcases how bad of a shape Viserys is in. It’s miraculous that he’s still alive, as he continues suffering from a disease that looks like a form of leprosy. And in his final days, all he wants is for his family to get along. He knows there’s a divide between Alicent and the Greens and Rhaenyra and the Blacks, and he hates it. Viserys had always been a peaceful ruler, so much so that he’s even disappointed by it, and the fact that he just wants his daughter and wife to reconcile before he dies is so on brand for him.

Paddy Considine truly shines in this episode as King Viserys, and it’s such a shame he didn’t get a Golden Globe nomination for his performance. Between his walk to the Iron Throne to defend his daughter and grandson, to his speech at the family dinner later that night, his portrayal is fantastic and is a huge improvement from Viserys in Fire & Blood. Even George R.R. Martin thinks so!

Sadly, Viserys passes away in the middle of the night after trying to talk to Alicent about Aegon I’s prophecy. What happens next is something I’m sure he would’ve never imagined.