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6. House of the Dragon episode 3: “Second of His Name”

After basically losing her best friend when Alicent marries her father, Rhaenyra is totally lost in the third episode. She’s pressured to find a husband and is feeling super angsty, which leads to her running off at a hunt. She bonds with Criston while Viserys gets drunk and then debates how he should help Daemon, who’s off fighting in the Stepstones.

Any Rhaenyra fan will appreciate the third episode, as it really focuses on her inner struggle to follow her duty. She never asked to be her father’s heir, but now she feels like she must protect it. She also doesn’t want to marry; she wants to ride her dragon and have fun. But as she comes to terms with the things she must do, she finds her own power in what she can control.

Another awesome part of this episode is the ending, which sees Daemon finally killing the Crabfeeder. They’re losing, but Viserys sending help is the motivator for Daemon to take action. Not because he feels appreciative, but because he’s angry. He doesn’t want help from his brother; he wants to be able to do it on his own. So now that he knows his brother’s watching, he ends the battle.

There’s a lot of great character development in the third episode, and the final five on this list are absolutely fantastic. Keep reading to find out which takes the top spots!