When does Avatar 2 come out on Disney Plus?

Avatar 2 absolutely dominated the box office when it premiered in movie theaters but when can Disney Plus subscribers expect it to arrive on the streaming service?

Avatar: The Way of Water is officially one of the biggest movies of all time. Many knew it would be going into it after the success of Avatar in 2009, but with just how much the cinematic landscape has changed since then, there was always the concern that it might fall short of expectations.

Somehow, the James Cameron epic exceeded expectations (and then some!) at the box office, having already made itself at home in the Top 3 highest-grossing movies of all time, ensuring the release of Avatar 3 and production of the future sequels.

But before we get ahead of ourselves talking about sequels, it’s important to remember that many people haven’t seen Avatar 2 and will likely be waiting for it to premiere on Disney Plus. With that in mind, when can they expect it to do just that?

Avatar 2 Disney Plus release date predictions

As Avatar 2 has enjoyed a lot of success at the box office, there has been a lengthy wait for its Disney Plus arrival, and it’s likely that there will still be a bit of a wait until it premieres. The film’s box office performance has been so crucial to the success of the franchise, because it had a lot of money to make back in order to ensure future sequels go ahead. It obviously did all that in just a few weeks, but as it has still been performing well at the cinema months after its debut, it’s clear Disney wants to make the most of that.

It has, however, been released to digital on-demand services as of March 28, meaning that you can purchase it to watch digitally if you wish. This is something of a first post-pandemic as Disney’s movies tend to premiere on Disney Plus before their digital and home media releases. But this is likely just another example of how successful Avatar: The Way of Water has been, and it unfortunately means the wait for its debut on the streaming service is still likely some time away. In fact, even Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (which was released in movie theaters in February) is coming to the streamer before it.

The movie is not listed among Disney Plus’ May 2023 releases, so we predict that the earliest you can expect it on the streamer would be June. After all, releasing it there too soon to its VOD debut would likely impact digital sales, so it makes sense to spread them out. But then again, we may have to wait to further into the summer at this point.

That is just a prediction and it’s always best to wait for Disney to make an announcement on the movie’s streaming debut.

Are you looking forward to watching Avatar: The Way of Water on Disney Plus? Let us know in the comments below!