Smallville: All 10 seasons ranked from worst to best

Smallville: The Complete Series. © 2021 Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
Smallville: The Complete Series. © 2021 Warner Bros. Home Entertainment /
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1. Season 2

A lot of Smallville‘s earlier seasons are of such a high standard that it makes it hard to decide which one stands out among the rest. But looking back on the show’s run, it would definitely be fair to say that it found its footing in season 2 and never wavered from that path throughout all 22 episodes.

While it carried over much of what worked in season 1, the second season was more character-driven, specifically for Clark as he now had to learn more about what his destiny entailed. He also had to figure out if he could really be with Lana, which put a strain on his friendship with Chloe as she was falling in love with him. While all of this was happening, Lex was tempted more by darkness as his father became more of an increased presence in his life.

Smallville season 2 took everything good about the first season and expanded on it, dialling back the villain-of-the-week element and focusing more on the Superman lore. It set the stage for Clark’s lengthy journey to becoming a superhero, but also made plenty of time for the heartfelt family drama that made season 1 so endearing.

It was, without a doubt, the perfect season of Smallville.

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