Smallville: All 10 seasons ranked from worst to best

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9. Season 6

Now we find ourselves at the season of Smallville that caused outrage among fans. And yeah, having watched the show multiple times I can confirm that season 6 deserves its infamous reputation.

With the show having created so much forced conflict between Clark and Lana, it finally went to the one place it never should have by having her fall in love with Lex, marry him and completely change her personality all over again. The creative team had run out of ideas for Lana and committed an unforgivable sin in the process, souring her once lovable bond with Clark even further.

There are flashes of brilliance in season 6, which is just enough to give it the edge over the admittedly-less infuriating seventh season, such as the fun and campier tone, the introduction of the Green Arrow and the absolutely incredible Justice League team-up episode “Justice”.

Smallville‘s evolution into a more straightforward superhero drama had begun and it almost would have been better if it just went all in on that here, because the love triangle conflict that was carried over from its teen drama days really held season 6 back from achieving the greatness that many of its standalone episodes did.