Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 game gets exciting (and surprising) update

Marvel's Spider-Man. Image courtesy Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation, and Insomniac Games
Marvel's Spider-Man. Image courtesy Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation, and Insomniac Games /

A user from 4chan may have leaked plot details and information on the characters and villains for the game in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

As per (H/T: via Game Rant), with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 easily being one of the most anticipated video games for the upcoming PlayStation 5 system for Sony’s next-gen console, there may have been some essential plot details, game features including characters and the baddies of this title that have been leaked.

While this year’s superhero action game, Spider-Man 2, has its plot more or less on lock, it is expected the upcoming 2023 sequel will bring to bear many elements from past entries to the franchise, Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Both Peter Parker and the aforesaid second Wall Crawler of the mantle will continue to protect New York City from many threats that seek to take over the city and jeopardize its inhabitants. reported that a 4chan user stated leaks of the plot that Peter will become infected by the Symbiote early in the game, bearing the iconic black costume comic fans will ooze in glee. He will use the suit’s newfound abilities to defeat Yuri Watanabe who partnered with Peter as an ally formerly as Captain of the NYPD who went rogue.

While Peter’s childhood friend, Harry Osborn, was eluded to be the host of the Symbiote, apparently this may not be the case. His father, Norman Osborn, grows concerned about Spidey’s enhanced powers and sends Kraven the Hunter to capture Peter. He eventually rids himself of the Venom Symbiote after some intense battles which eventually bonds to Eddie Brock.

Eddie will be a playable “recurring” character in the game just like the Miles and Mary Jane sections and will team up with Kraven to get back at Peter for “messing him up” in a fight as Black Suit Spider-Man, but then kills Kraven.

Venom will kidnap MJ forcing Peter and Miles to rescue her. Meanwhile, Norman manipulates Harry to become the Green Goblin and during the final battle against the two Spider-Men kills Harry in highly-upgraded Goblin armor and removes the Symbiote from Eddie.

Peter and Miles will face villains with the likes of Mysterio, Sandman, Big Wheel, Shocker, Paste Pot Pete, and Screwball with Dock Ock featured in audio logs throughout the game.

Are these leaks on Marvel’s Spider-Man legit?

Game Rant did not give it a stamp of approval and the legitimacy of the claims from the 4chan user doesn’t seem legit. While some of the game elements sound plausible to a degree, others like Harry not being the host of Venom and Norman gaslighting him to be the Goblin are a little farfetched. Why would this iteration of Norman revive Harry only to kill his son by not doing as he asked which is to capture or destroy both web-slinging heroes?

And even if it were the case Norman lost some fraction of reality due to losing his sanity his son would not pose that much of a threat though nothing was stated as to his mental faculties before or during the confrontation.

So while these claims are doing a sweep across the internet and appear sound, there is no proof to validate these statements and is best to class them as just rumors until proven otherwise.

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What do you think about these leaks on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? Do you think it could be true? Is Eddie Brock really the host of Venom instead of Harry Osborn? What do you think of Miles Morales’s part in all of this? Sound off in the comments!