Titans season 4 episode 11 live stream: Watch online

Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max
Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max /

Titans season 4 episode 11 on HBO Max is on its way. Here’s how you can watch the eleventh episode online and what you can expect.

It took ten episodes, but Sebastian finally became an interesting villain in Titans season 4. Conner thought he had Sebastian under control (it must be the Lex Luthor narcissist gene). He was wrong. Conner helped He create a video game thinking he was helping his new business partner fulfill his dreams. Sebastian was really using the game to empower himself. The people who played the game ended up in comas or worse. A smart plan especially since he’s becoming more powerful with every person he connects with.

After a weird trip into the Red (guest starring Cyborg, Robotman, and Larry from Doom Patrol), a cryptic message, and some help from Conner at LexCorp, Sebastian’s plan failed. Tim Drake used a back door to shut down the game. To make things worse for Sebastian, Mother Mayhem returns from the dead after he just killed her. Plus, Dick Grayson helped remove his connection to Raven. He may have lost in this episode, but there’s no way Sebastian doesn’t realize that Conner sabotaged him.

This was an okay episode, but not one befitting a final season. All of the pieces are slowly moving into place, but it still doesn’t seem real. So far, this doesn’t feel like Titans is ending in the next two episodes. Hopefully episode 11 (titled “Project Starfire”) will add a little more to lead into the series finale. If not, fans will be disappointed. For now, everything feels rushed.

How to watch Titans season 4 online

As Titans is an HBO Max-exclusive series, episode 11 of season 4 – and the rest of the season – can only be viewed on the paid subscription service itself (HBO Max) in the U.S. If you live outside of the U.S., the episode will be added to Netflix (along with the rest of Season 4) some time after the season finishes, likely in the summer.

Full details on how to watch episode 11 of season 4 can be found below. This includes the premiere date, streaming information and more.

Date: Thursday, May 4
Season: 4
Episode: 11 “Project Starfire”
Live stream: HBO Max

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