DC: Karen Gillan stuns as Poison Ivy in jaw-dropping image

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MAY 03: Karen Gillan attends a special screening of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 on May 03, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Disney)
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MAY 03: Karen Gillan attends a special screening of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 on May 03, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Disney) /

Karen Gillan has emerged as a fan-favorite to play Poison Ivy in James Gunn’s new DC Universe, and it’s easy to see why fans think she’d be perfect.

With James Gunn and Peter Safran now at the helm of DC Studios, there is no doubt that change is coming. These two industry veterans have a proven track record of success in the superhero genre and their involvement in the DC universe has sparked excitement among fans who are eagerly anticipating what new directions and characters will be introduced.

One exciting aspect of the new regime is the possibility of seeing new iterations of iconic characters like Batman and Superman. With new actors in the roles, there is an opportunity to explore different aspects of these characters and bring fresh perspectives to their stories. This opens the door for a more diverse and inclusive DC universe that reflects the world we live in today.

In addition to the possibility of new takes on established characters who have recently appeared in the DCEU, there is also the potential for lesser-known but equally iconic characters to finally make their way to the big screen. One such character is Poison Ivy, who has been a fan favorite for decades but has yet to receive a proper cinematic adaptation.

With Gunn and Safran at the helm, there is hope that this will finally change, and we will see a Poison Ivy that lives up to her potential as one of DC’s most compelling and complex characters. There are many actresses fans have voiced interest in seeing take on the role of DC’s iconic villain, but the one name who has emerged as the clear frontrunner is an actress who is no stranger to the superhero genre: Karen Gillan.

What Karen Gillan could look like as Poison Ivy in the DC Universe

Inspired by the idea of Karen Gillan taking on the role of Poison Ivy in James Gunn’s DC Universe, digital artist BFHDesign has debuted a truly stunning piece of fan art envisioning Gillan as DC’s iconic villainess.

In the jaw-dropping new art, Gillan is transformed into the iconic DC villain in a piece of artwork that showcases Gillan’s striking features, with her piercing gaze and fiery red hair perfectly embodying the character’s allure and dangerous nature. The details in the leaves and vines that surround her add to the overall ethereal and organic feel of the piece.

The artist’s use of color and light draws the viewer’s eye towards the central figure and her expression conveys a sense of confidence and power. It’s clear that the artist put a lot of thought and effort into capturing the essence of Poison Ivy and Gillan’s likeness.

Overall, this piece is a beautiful and impressive work of art that highlights the versatility of both the character and the actor showcasing just how incredible she could look in the role if DC were to offer her the part. Just one glance at the art proves how Gillan would be the perfect choice to embody the character’s unique combination of beauty and danger.

Is Karen Gillan going to be in James Gunn’s DC Universe?

At this time, it has not been confirmed if any members of the Guardians of the Galaxy cast — sans Sean Gunn — will make the move from Marvel to DC; however, James Gunn has been adamant in noting he is highly interested in working with the Guardians cast again in the future. In fact, he’s recently even gone as far as to confirm at least one member of the Guardians cast will be involved with his Superman project, Superman: Legacy. 

While Gunn has not made any major DC casting announcements, Karen Gillan is among a handful of Guardians cast members who have expressed an interest in working with Gunn again and being open to a role in the DC Universe. In fact, Gillan even has her eyes on a particular character!

Karen Gillan wants to play Poison Ivy

Like many of her Guardians of the Galaxy cast members, Karen Gillan has expressed an interest in working with James Gunn in the DCU. However, she’s gone a step forward in expressing direct interest in one particular character telling Total Film magazine that she’d love to play Poison Ivy.

"“I always thought that Poison Ivy was really fun. So maybe something like that would be cool,” Gillan revealed in a new issue of Total Film magazine (via GamesRadar). “Honestly, if James asked me to play an alien that sits in the background of a shot and doesn’t talk, I would say yes [laughs]. Because working with him has been one of the great joys of my career so far.”"

The fact that Gillan has her eyes on the role of Poison Ivy and that DC is now under the leadership of James Gunn, the odds of fans getting to see her take on the iconic role definitely look good. Gunn seems very eager to work with the Guardians cast again and Gillan would be a major get for the DC Universe.

She’s delivered a masterful performance as Nebula across her time in the MCU and there is no doubt she would deliver an unforgettable performance in the role of Pamela Isley. With Gillan in the role, fans might finally get the layered and nuanced performance they’ve long hoped to see from Ivy who is such an underutilized villain in the broader DC cinematic universe.

It’s been far too long since Ivy has graced the big screen, and the idea of Karen Gillan bringing her to life in James Gunn’s DC Universe is truly exciting. Let’s just hope it might finally come to fruition!

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