Stranger Things: All 4 seasons ranked from worst to best

Stranger Things. Courtesy of Netflix
Stranger Things. Courtesy of Netflix /
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Stranger Things – Season 3 (2019). Photo Credit: Netflix /

Stranger Things has dominated Netflix every time one of its four seasons have arrived. Which one of them stands tall as the best of the rest?

You just can’t think about Netflix‘s biggest sensations without thinking about Stranger Things.

Produced by the Duffer Brothers, its first season debuted on the streamer back in summer 2016 and became one of its biggest hits (perhaps its biggest ever), and its popularity has grown immensely in the years that have come since.

Focusing on the small town of Hawkins, it tells the story of a group of kids and their parents as they come to realize that not everything is what it seems. And by that, we mean that Hawkins literally houses a gateway to another realm, a.k.a. a parallel dimension, known as the Upside Down. Their key to defeating that dimension and all the evils that its home to is Eleven, a telekinetic child with the ability to save everyone – and that makes her the Upside Down’s biggest threat.

Yes, Stranger Things is a phenomenon like no other, and a nostalgic one at that, full of glorious pop-culture references to the 1980s. That was clearer than ever in its super-sized fourth season that took the world by storm after a three-year wait! That season was divided into two parts to make sure fans enjoyed it more than ever.

As we look ahead to the fifth and final season, let’s take this opportunity to reflect on each of the epic show’s installments (and while we’re at it, rank them from worst to best!).