12 greatest Spider-Man movie villains ranked from worst to best

Jake Gyllenhaal is Mysterio in Columbia Pictures' SPIDER-MAN: ™ FAR FROM HOME.
Jake Gyllenhaal is Mysterio in Columbia Pictures' SPIDER-MAN: ™ FAR FROM HOME. /
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12. Sandman

Movies: Spider-Man 3Spider-Man: No Way Home

"“I didn’t want this. But I had no choice.”-Flint Marko"

There was a lot wrong with Spider-Man 3. Among the items that made this movie bad were the number of plots. Sandman was involved in most of them, and it wasn’t well done. First, Flint was made to be the sympathetic villain. That failed. Second, viewers find out that he was the guy who killed Uncle Ben. That wasn’t received well. Lastly, he got involved with Eddie Brock and ended the movie apologizing and floating away in sand form. Another scene that was made to be heartfelt and didn’t hit. From top to bottom, he was bad.

This writer doesn’t know much about Thomas Haden Church so he can’t say if this was just one bad performance out of multiple good ones. Nevertheless, this wasn’t good. Flint Marko was bland the entire movie. Even when he was talking to his daughter. How is the audience supposed to feel for someone in this situation when the actor doesn’t perform well? Flint was seeing his child for the first time in a while, and it fell flat.

Lastly, making Sandman Uncle Ben’s killer was pointless. It added nothing positive to the story. Sure, there was a decent fight between Spider-Man and Sandman, but that’s about it. All this storyline led to was more of Peter Parker crying.

Long story short, Sandman was not needed in Spider-Man 3. At least he was good in No Way Home.