All 5 Evil Dead movies ranked worst to best

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Photo: Ted Raimi (“Possessed Henrietta”) stars in EVIL DEAD 2. Image Courtesy Lionsgate Entertainment

When it comes to horror franchises, there are few which have maintained a following like the Evil Dead franchise. Let’s rank them all, from worst to best!

Horror and comedy share quite a few things in common. Not limited to evoking a reaction from the audience through timing. Horror through fear and comedy well through laughter obviously. Mixing the two is never an easy feat, to say the least. Only a few films have really mastered it. Films like Shaun of the Dead and Tucker and Dale vs Evil. Others focus more on one than the other and really don’t find that sweet spot.

Why do I bring this up? Because today we are talking about the Evil Dead franchise.

When casual fans see a film from this franchise, they immediately wait for Ash to say “groovy” or one of his other rather popular catchphrases that make people laugh and cheer with delight.

What the hardcore fan knows is that comedy aside these are some of the bloodiest films ever made, and anything can happen to anyone at any time. At times the violence is so over the top it’s equal parts ridiculous and unnerving.

So let’s rank the Evil Dead movies, from worst to best!

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