All 5 Evil Dead movies ranked worst to best

Photo: Ash vs Evil Dead.. Image Courtesy Matt Klitscher/STARZ
Photo: Ash vs Evil Dead.. Image Courtesy Matt Klitscher/STARZ /
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4. Evil Dead Rise

After the end of Ash vs Evil Dead, there was much conjecture as to what would happen with the Evil Dead franchise. Bruce Campbell said he was done playing the character in a live-action setting, so, to fans, everything was in upheaval.

Then it was announced that a new film with an urban location about a mother and her kids against the forces of the Necronomicon was in the works. I was part excited and part nervous. The remake was a decent enough movie, but could Evil Dead Rise, the first completely non-Ash film catapult a new era into the Evil Dead franchise?

The answer is…maybe? There are plenty of things in this film that are new. Like there are three books. Remember in Army of Darkness and the three books in the cemetery? Yep. That’s a thing now. And this is just another of those three books.

For everything new that was introduced in Evil Dead Rise, they depended on a few things that were iconic mainstays of the franchise. Like certain catchphrases, or weapons that were for the most part something that Ash Williams used. But if this is the way that they wanna continue the franchise it would be more than okay. They had jerk deadites, some camp, and a lot of blood – everything that the Evil Dead needs.