All 5 Evil Dead movies ranked worst to best

Photo: Ash vs Evil Dead.. Image Courtesy Matt Klitscher/STARZ
Photo: Ash vs Evil Dead.. Image Courtesy Matt Klitscher/STARZ /
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2. The Evil Dead

You have to be doing something right if Stephen King calls your film “The most ferociously original horror film of the year…” and well, Sam Raimi and the crew behind The Evil Dead did just that.

Five friends go on vacation in an isolated cabin in rural Tennessee. In the basement of the dilapidated cabin Scott and Ash find what turns out to be The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, a Kandarian dagger, a shotgun, and a tape recorder. Upon playing the tape recorder, one by one, all of Ash’s friends are taken by the Kandarian demons and dispatched in various bloody ways.

For those that haven’t seen the film, I will spare any spoilers suffice to say this is something that should be on the top of the list  Just because you think something is going a certain way, don’t think it won’t change on a dime.

While the makeup effects are a little primitive, they really do an amazing job. There are two scenes in particular that you will not be able to forget after seeing them for a long long time. To this day, I still don’t know how they did one of them. I still have to look away when it happens sometimes.

It would take one heck of a film to top this one, but somehow they did.