Titans just killed off The Flash in a shock twist

Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max
Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max /

The Flash was killed in the first issue of DC Comics’ Titans series and no one knows who did it. 

DC Comics is starting a new era of comics called the Dawn of DC. This is where will they unveil new creative teams throughout their comics. These teams will bring in new stories and beginnings for all their characters. One of the first moves happened after Dark Crisis concluded when the Justice League disbanded.

Batman told Nightwing that he and the rest of the Justice League wanted him to lead the universe’s greatest team of heroes. Nightwing declined but said he would protect the world his way. He took his team of Titans (Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, Donna Troy, Cyborg, and Wally West) and made them the world’s premiere superhero team. Before the Titans officially opened their doors, though, the Flash is shot and killed.

Who killed the Flash?

Before he died, Wally West visited his family and told them he loves them. After that, it was off to the Cosmic Treadmill to change fate (he never learns). Instead of trying to stop his death, he leaves the Titans with a message on the computer that says, “Solve this.”

On the second page of the issue, Wally pointed out that he has multiple ways of avoiding being shot. He’s the fastest man alive and uses his abilities in creative ways. Whoever shot him knows their way around a gun.

That leads this writer to believe this is the first metahuman that Amanda Waller had killed and she sent Peacemaker to do the deed.

It was mighty convenient that Peacemaker was in the first issue of DC Comics’ Titans since Waller was ordered to “eradicate” metahumans by a mysterious group. Readers can also add that Peacemaker told Waller that the Titans would be trouble. With the heroes making their new role public, it adds up that Waller would send someone to kill him. It sends a message.

If it wasn’t Christopher Smith, then it could have been the other Peacemaker seen at the end of DC Comics’ Dark Crisis.

Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out if it was either of the Peacemakers, a different Suicide Squad member, or someone else who committed the crime.

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