All 12 Friday the 13th movies ranked from worst to best

Friday the 13th Part 4 - Courtesy of Paramount+
Friday the 13th Part 4 - Courtesy of Paramount+ /
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7. Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

This is the film that was supposed to be Freddy vs Jason but due to rights issues between Paramount and New Line Cinema, that wasn’t going to be in the cards anytime soon. Instead, we got a girl with telekinesis who was a makeshift Carrie White. Someone who, for the first time, could handle facing Jason in a head-on fight.

This was also the first time we got Kane Hodder as Jason. John Carl Buechler, a master FX artist, was at the helm as director and really pushed for Kane to don the mask after working with him on a previous film. If he hadn’t pushed for it, we may have had a second film with CJ Graham, which also would not have been all that horrible.

Another thing Part VII is known for is being hacked up by the MPAA. The Valenti Crew seemed to do everything in their power to stop the film from having any of the trappings of a Friday the 13th film. For instance, the famous sleeping bag kill has far more blood, and more violence behind it before the MPAA got their hands on it.

The worst part about it is that we will never see a director’s cut of the film. Not just because Buechler has since passed but because the producer that he was fighting with all the time decided to either erase the film or film over it. So all we have are some really rough workprint versions of the original kills that aren’t color corrected and look like it’s been through the wringer. Who knows what we could have gotten with an unrated version of Friday the 13th Part VII?