Beloved Marvel show removed from Disney Plus without any notice

We knew Disney Plus was about to purge a number of shows, but it seems a beloved Marvel show was among those removed despite not being on the list of affected shows. 

It’s an interesting time to be a subscriber to any of the big streaming platforms. Prices just seem to keep going up, yet the number of shows and movies offered by the services upping the cost of their platforms seems to somehow be going down.

In the past year, we’ve seen a countless number of shows pulled from streaming service catalogs sometimes without any notice at all. At first, it was HBO Max who was pulling content including streaming originals, but now Disney Plus has joined the mix albeit for a different reason.

While HBO Max, now Max, removed a number of shows as part of efforts by Warner Discovery’s efforts to write off series for tax purposes, Disney Plus has thus far billed its content removals as part of a “strategic change” which is said to bring about an “impairment charge of approximately $1.5 to $1.8 billion.”

Upon releasing the list of shows slated to be removed from the service, there were no Marvel Studios series included on the list; however, it seems Disney has removed a beloved Marvel original from Disney Plus and Hulu which has fans shocked.

Did Marvel’s Runaways get removed from Disney Plus and Hulu?

Although it was not included on the list of shows scheduled for removal, Marvel’s Runaways has indeed been removed from both Disney Plus and Hulu. The show’s removal makes Runaways the first Marvel show to be removed from Disney Plus or Hulu, and seems to signal no show is safe from removal regardless of the brand it hails from.

Why did Marvel’s Runaways get removed from Disney Plus?

It appears that Marvel’s Runaways was removed from Disney Plus (and Hulu) as part of Disney’s cost-cutting plans which entails removing certain shows and movies from its streaming services. These shows being removed are rumored to be shows that have underperformed and do not have strong streaming viewership totals.

Where is Marvel’s Runaways streaming?

Sadly, now that Disney has pulled Marvel’s Runaways from both Hulu and Disney Plus the series is no longer streaming on any streaming platform. It does appear that the episodes can still be purchased on platforms such as Amazon, so at least fans do have the option to purchase the show’s seasons as an alternative to streaming them for free.