Marvel Comics’ Punisher offers a new look at Frank Castle

Marvel's The Punisher- Credit: Jessica Miglio/Netflix
Marvel's The Punisher- Credit: Jessica Miglio/Netflix /
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Maria Castle

One of this writer’s favorite parts of this series is Maria Castle’s story. For a while, it seemed like she was oblivious to who her husband was. However, she wasn’t. Maria followed Frank, hired private detectives, and did her own investigating. She discovered that her husband was a man who helped a lot of people. That made her love him more. That was until Maria realized something horrible: She was his mistress and murder was his true lover.

Having Maria be a crucial part of this story made sense. Frank always put her on a pedestal, but it wasn’t that simple. Frank Castle was delusional. The entire time he thought he was a good husband and father, he was really keeping his family hostage. Once Maria realized this, she decided she was going to ask for a divorce. Unfortunately, this is the fateful day in Central Park where she died.

Jason Aaron brought strength into Maria Castle’s personality. She was never the woman who was oblivious to who her husband was. Even after she was resurrected, she kept digging for more information. The courage it took to stand up to her husband, The Archpriestess, and the Beast should be admired.