Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Map size and 5 other details revealed

Marvel's Spider-Man. Image courtesy Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation, and Insomniac Games
Marvel's Spider-Man. Image courtesy Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation, and Insomniac Games /
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Marvel’s Spider-Man. Image courtesy Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation, and Insomniac Games /

You can freely switch between Miles and Peter

As we’ve previously discussed, both Peter and Miles will be playable characters in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. However, a question in everyone’s mind after the gameplay reveal is: How exactly will you switch between them? Can that be done freely at any point in the game? Well, thanks to Bryan Intihar, we now have an answer to that and it is as awesome as you’d think.

"“When you’re playing the main story, we control when you switch between Pete and Miles… it’s done in service to the story when we’re making those switches, for sure. So, as you saw on that gameplay reveal, which is a segment of the main story, we are pre-determining those based on what we want to do for how the story plays out (…) You’ll be able to – in the open world – freely switch between them with a simple button press.” This is thanks to the power of the PlayStation 5″"

When you are exploring the city of  New York you can switch between Spider-Men whenever you want. However, story missions won’t have this feature (which was to be expected). Still, it’s incredibly exciting to know players can be swinging across the buildings of Manhattan as Peter Parker in one moment, and instantly change to doing parkour through the rooftops of Queens as Miles Morales in another. Man, Fall can’t come fast enough.

The gameplay shown wasn’t from the game’s latest build

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 wouldn’t be a proper Spider-Man game without some sort of controversy. Does anyone still remember how the internet freaked out over how the water puddles in Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 seemed to be downgraded once the game was finally released? Yes, that was a thing.

This time, however, the controversy isn’t about water puddles but rather about how the game looks. Many argue the game doesn’t have “current-gen” graphics and that it seems outdated for a PS5 title. If you were to ask me I’d say the game looks absurdly beautiful, but I’m pretty biased when it comes to Spider-Man so don’t take my word for granted. Instead, let’s see what James Stevenson, the community director at Insomniac Games, has to say on the matter:

Additionally, this was also addressed at the Eurogamer interview, with Bryan and Ryan reiterating:

"“We’re always looking to improve the game… everything will continue to get better and better, whether it’s performance, whether it’s fidelity, whether it’s our gameplay. Our goal is to obviously make a very polished, stable experience when we ship the game, that also – at the end of the day – takes advantage of what the hardware can do.”"

If we compare the gameplay reveal video to recent screenshots released by Insomniac Games, you’d see there is quite a graphical difference. The screenshots, presumed to be from the latest build of the game, look better in all aspects. Not only they are more detailed, but they also feature different lighting that makes the game look even more realistic. So it’s safe to say we can expect the final game to look greater than what was shown at the gameplay reveal (which seems absurd to me, considering I already loved what Insomniac revealed at PlayStation’s showcase).