Marvel makes a major change to The Punisher

Marvel's The Punisher- Credit: Jessica Miglio/Netflix
Marvel's The Punisher- Credit: Jessica Miglio/Netflix /

The Punisher may be dead, but Frank Castle will live on and begin a new and more honorable journey.

Jason Aaron’s maxi-series of Marvel Comics’ Punisher has concluded. After getting powers, fighting the Avengers, and being shot by his wife, Frank Castle’s time with The Hand came to an end. In issue No. 11, his wife shot him with the same gun he used to kill Ares.

Of course, that wasn’t enough to keep him down. Issue No. 12 shows the fate of Frank Castle going forward.


After The Punisher fought off the Archpriestess of The Hand, Frank was not in a good way. If it wasn’t for Dr. Strange removing the cursed bullets, he would have died. The near-dead vigilante was brought to a dungeon in the Sanctum Sanctorum in a place that Strange said even he can get lost.

While imprisoned, Castle is visited by Wolverine, Black Widow, Moon Knight, and Dr. Strange. Each of them attempts to talk him into feeling remorseful. Shocking to no one, he refused and even doubled down on what he’s done. It isn’t until Frank’s wife Maria shows up that he understands how badly he messed up.

Maria tells her husband that she was going to ask for a divorce the day she died. She also informs him that she never wants to see him again. The biggest hit came when Maria said, “When you disappear down whatever abyss they’re about to hurl you into… do us all a favor and stay dead.”

Castle officially realized his life with wife was over. After that, he called upon The Beast one more time. He used the remaining power in the bullets removed from him to disappear. When Captain America asked his peers to find Frank, Dr. Strange informed him that Punisher is no more.

At first, this writer was upset. This seemed like a horrible way for the Punisher to go out. However, this is not how the story comes to an end. It actually concludes with Frank Castle in Weirdworld leading a group of kids out of danger. When asked his name, he says, “Call me Frank.”

It looks like The Punisher is dead. Long live Frank.

What’s next for Marvel Comics’ Punisher?

The Punisher is one of Marvel Comics’ most popular characters. After thirty plus years of existence, Frank Castle hasn’t changed. He’s still a gun toting vigilante with skills beyond a lot of heroes and villains. And while guns may be a part of his identity, it may be time for the Punisher to become more than just a killer.

Marvel is aware of the problems going on in the real world. Perhaps they have decided it’s time to make the  Punisher evolve. An evolution that will lead to new and better journeys for Frank Castle.

Having Maria chastise him for dishonoring their kids’ memories was very effective. Maria was the only person that could make Frank realize what he was doing. Now he has the opportunity to truly do right by them. Who knows, maybe Maria will see that he’s changing and allow him to see the baby she has on the way? Unfortunately, it’s a child Frank doesn’t know exists.

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