Invincible season 2 is not coming to Amazon Prime Video in June 2023

Invincible - Episode 101 - "It's About Time" -- Pictured: J.K. Simmons (Omni-Man) -- Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Invincible - Episode 101 - "It's About Time" -- Pictured: J.K. Simmons (Omni-Man) -- Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

Invincible season 2 isn’t returning to Amazon Prime Video in June 2023, but fans should anticipate news soon. 

The teaser for Invincible season 2 ended saying the show would return later in 2023. That teaser was released on January 20 (two days before the comic’s 20 year anniversary). Since then, there have been no updates on when it would return. Without updates, fans could become frustrated. However, it’s doubtful that people won’t tune in. Even if they said they wouldn’t.

If you were hoping for Invincible season 2 to premiere in June, then you’ll be sad to learn that this won’t be the case. Even though it’s much later in the year, it was always unlikely since we’re only at the halfway point of 2023 this month. And, in case you were in any doubt about that, Amazon Prime Video confirmed its listings for June and Invincible season 2 wasn’t among them.

Thankfully, late 2023 is right around the corner. And with the summer movies and shows about to begin, now would be a good time to drop another teaser or the first trailer for season 2.

Among the things a new trailer should show are different and returning characters fans can expect to see in the new season. Characters we would love to see in season 2 are a group of superpowered beings from Capes, Inc. This writer calls them a group, but they’re not exactly a superhero team. Capes, Inc is a superhero nine to five.

Capes, Inc had a short comic book series, but it was unlike anything people have seen. The idea of a superhero team being run like an actual paying job with benefits was fun to see. People literally punched the clock and their company had to approve overtime and vacations. And, unlike The Boys, this wasn’t done with a ton of violence and cursing. It was almost like a Disney show (minus the superhero hookups). As cheesy as this group sounds, a few episodes away from Invincible would be well received.

Capes, Inc is around a lot throughout the Invincible comic book series, but they’re usually there to help fight the big threats and usually get beaten. This makes characters like Invincible and Adam Eve look stronger when they get the victory. However insignificant they may come off in the comics, it shouldn’t stop them from getting a spin-off. Hopefully they’ll appear in season 2 (whenever that may be).

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