Marvel just killed off Daredevil ahead of a huge battle

Marvel's Daredevil. Image courtesy Netflix
Marvel's Daredevil. Image courtesy Netflix /

Daredevil fights his wife Elektra for the right to go the underworld and fight The Beast. 

Daredevil has been battling the Hand in the pages of Marvel Comics for decades and there appeared to be no end of their blood-feud in sight. However, Elektra found out about a prophecy. Together, her and Matt Murdock could form a fist that could stop The Hand and destroy the Beast.

The pair gathered an army of supervillains to help them defeat their enemies and anyone who would get in their way. Along the way, they fought the Punisher while he had superpowers, a dragon (seriously), and an army of Hand ninjas. A battle that’s worthy of being one of the fights of the year.

After destroying a Hand talisman, the souls of the living that the Hand possessed were sent back to Hell. Unfortunately, Matt Murdock found out that his best friend Foggy Nelson was among them. That leads Matt on a new journey. He has to go to Hell, finish off the Beast for good, and bring his friend back to life.

When people talk about tragic lives, Matt Murdock’s is normally forgotten. He may have had the life of a high paid lawyer, but that doesn’t take away from what he was going through. He hides his sometimes crippling depression, self-doubt, and anger from the world. People also forget that he doesn’t have accelerated healing. So, when he gets hurt, he’s recovering like a normal person.

There’s also his need to do everything on his own. This came into play in Daredevil, issue No. 12). This issue, written by Chip Zdarsky, featured the perfect example of Matt not accepting help. First, he sent away his former student Samuel Chung (a.k.a. Blindspot) – an amazing fighter that could have been useful in a fight against the Beast. Then, instead of letting his wife Elektra walk with him to the underworld, he used her own tricks to stab himself so he could be sent to Hell. These aren’t things a sane person would do. Even Spider-Man and Wolverine sometimes know they can’t go alone.

Chip Zdarsky’s run of Daredevil is coming to an end. Will the Man Without Fear be able to destroy the Beast once and for all? Is this going to be another failed attempt to stop the Beast and the Hand?

Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out.

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