6 most hated Demon Slayer characters, ranked

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1. Hated Demon Slayer characters: Muzan Kibutsuji

Muzan Kibutsuji is the primary antagonist of the entirety of Demon Slayer. And while we often want to show grace to premade villains, especially if we don’t have all the details, this demon just makes it too easy to despise every single inch of him.

First and foremost, Muzan is the very reason why the story of Tanjiro Kamado all began. Had it not been for him, Tanjiro would still be with his beloved family and Nezuko wouldn’t be a demon desperately trying to hold back her desire to feast. (And we can only imagine how many other families suffered this same terrible fate!)

Secondly, Muzan even treats his own subordinates with hostility. The minute he saw that the Lower Rank demons served little to no purpose, he executed them all without a second thought. One would think that he would have some compassion being that he created them in the first place. But sadly, he sees all of his loyal subjects as pawns in a game.

While all the above reasons are more than enough to explain why we can’t stand Muzan, the one that stands above the rest is his terrible agenda.

Muzan seeks to turn everyone into his demon slaves, willing to bend to his every will and carry out his plan of world domination. Of course, to have free rein, he’ll have to conquer the Sun, his major weakness. This plan, by and large, is extremely terrifying when we think about the lives demons live after they turn; it’s nothing but pain and regret toward the life once lived.

All things considered, Muzan is the very definition of misery loves company.

What would make us hate Muzan less? There’s really not much that we can think of that makes Muzan a relatable, kind character we can feel some sort of adoration toward. This is mostly due to the fact that, as the primary villain, he’s not exactly supposed to be likable. Even so, we still wish things were a little different.

A world without these six characters would be a world we wouldn’t mind witnessing. With half of these demons gone, it’s safe to say that we’re almost there. All that’s left to do is pray that Tanjiro and his fellow demon slayers send these guys back to the depths where they belong.

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