Kraven the Hunter release date and everything we know so far

Kraven the Hunter. Courtesy of Sony Pictures. ©2023 CTMG. All Rights Reserved. MARVEL and all related character names: © & ™ 2023 MARVEL
Kraven the Hunter. Courtesy of Sony Pictures. ©2023 CTMG. All Rights Reserved. MARVEL and all related character names: © & ™ 2023 MARVEL /

As we count down the days until the release of Sony’s next Marvel movie, here’s everything we know about Sony’s upcoming Kraven the Hunter movie.

Marvel Comic’s famed big game hunter, Kraven, is soon to make a massive cinematic entrance as the self-titled anti-hero in Sony’s new movie Kraven the Hunter.

This iconic comic book Spider-Man antagonist was first introduced by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and soon became a significant part of the Spider-Man world. While director Marc Webb hinted at the character’s cinematic debut in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the wait has now come to an end.

Creation of the Kraven the Hunter movie

Sony started thinking about a standalone Kraven movie in 2017, eventually hiring Richard Wenk in August 2018 to draft a screenplay, with the official development of Kraven the Hunter being announced in March 2019. Filmmaker Ryan Coogler initially wished to feature Kraven in his MCU hit Black Panther, but learned later that Sony actually owned the character’s cinematic rights, not Disney.

Kraven the Hunter release date and streaming details

Initially scheduled for a January 13, 2023 release, Kraven the Hunter was next set to hit theaters on October 6, 2023. But… Now it has been pushed back all the way to August 30, 2024. I know. I know. After its theatrical run, the film will be available on Netflix, due to an exclusive agreement between Netflix and Sony.

Is there a Kraven the Hunter trailer?

Yes! Released on June 19, 2023, the first trailer showcased an…… interesting and apparently different origin story for Kraven, which included hints of an initial encounter with a massive lion that is the apparent cause of Kraven’s animal-like powers.

Kraven the Hunter cast

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, known for playing Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff in Avengers: Age of Ultron, has been cast as Kraven. Alongside him, the film features Academy Award-winning actress Ariana DeBose as Calypso, Kraven’s love interest and voodoo priestess. Alessandro Nivola will play the role of the primary antagonist, Rhino.

Other cast members include Christopher Abbott as the Foreigner, Fred Hechinger as Chameleon, and, in what seems to be a Superhero Daddy streak for him, Russell Crowe will be staring as Kraven’s father. Levi Miller has also mysteriously been cast for a role that has not yet been revealed.

Kraven the Hunter plot details

While Sony hasn’t given us an official plot summary yet, we can bet that Kraven the Hunter will primarily focus on the journey of Sergei Kravinoff as he strives to become the world’s best hunter. We’re also assuming and expecting the movie to frame Kraven’s confrontations with Rhino and the Foreigner.

The team behind Kraven the Hunter

The screenplay has been written by Richard Wenk, Art Marcum, and Matt Holloway. The movie is directed by J.C. Chandor, best known for Triple Frontier, All is Lost, and A Most Violent Year. Producers Matt Tolmach, Amy Pascal, and Avi Arad are also part of the crew, with Ben Davis as the cinematographer.

Kraven the Hunter filming details

Kraven was shot in Lake Mývatn, Iceland in February 2022, under the working title Safari. It then moved to London, England in March 2022, with Spiral as Its working title.

Kraven the Hunter rating

It’s about time we have another Marvel-based movie to receive an R-rating besides Deadpool and Logan, and Kraven the Hunter will make history as the first movie in Sony’s Spider-Man universe to receive such a rating.

That’s all we have regarding Kraven the Hunter at the moment, and we’re continuously hunting (pun intended) for more details. Hopefully, the small changes to the plot that we’ve seen through the trailer aren’t too much of a speed bump for fans and Kraven gets the big screen representation it deserves.

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